My hive goal for the month of June

I really glad that I have completed my short goal for the month of May which is to accumulate 570 at the end of the month .


Two occasion I have tried to set goals and on the two occasions I was able to fulfill and attain the required amount of Hp. At first I set to achieve 540 I quickly attain it on the 22nd of May and again I set I achieve 570 also was able to achieve it and now I have 602Hp.


Furthermore with my Leo I was able to achieve 70 Leo for the month of May and to proceed in the month of June am rounding what I want to achieve to 100 Leo by the end of June.


To continue with my short term goal which is really fun for me , for the month of June am setting my goal to 710Hp that is around 108Hp I needed for the month of June.

How I plan to achieve it

  1. To post quality post so as to get more people to my post.
  2. To continue with my daily 100% power-up for one of my post
  3. By engaging more on other people’s post.
    I have a strong believe I can achieve this .

Thanks for checking out my blog



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