Sublime and beautiful Sunday: Entertaining actors and actresses at our lounge

On sunday i was unable to go to church because we are expecting some visitors at our lounge , some actors and actresses wanted to use our restaurant and lounge for shooting. The time we were told was too short because we were told around 11pm and we are to host them by 8am then we are about to leave work to our house but most cases we usually have more than enough inside the kitchen. The only problem we have is our staff. We have already stress them the other day and it will be unfair on our part to tell them to resume before 8am. So we thought they should resume by 9am and also after the shooting we have to release them to go home then we have another set of people which will resume till night.

We were lucky before the actors and actresses came was around 10am so we have already set everything on ground and they set everything they need. This is my first time being in lovation where they are shooting movie. It wasnt easy setting things up but what i notice is that everyone of them has one thing to do. The costumier is doing its own and other crew are working hard and they spent over 3hours there. With the way they came to shoot in our lounge will publicized our restaurant and lounge

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