A Happy Farmers Day to Farmers


It’s another brand new day, and so far as the fingers are still active, we have nothing to do than to test it out for one of its functioning thus to type….lol. When we look around some friends in other countries are busy with one thing or the other, while others are just sitting around with nothing to do. They seem to have all the time in the world to be idle for the time being.



When you come over here in Ghana, West Africa, today seems to be among the best days around for all farmers in the country. Thanks to them some of us have gotten today to be a free day with no much work to be done and we are lucky for the day that it falls, which makes our weekends start a day before the normal times it does all along.

As we all know, these is no single soul in the world born of human, who can say to the other that he/she does not take in food since the time that he/she fertilized her mom’s egg in her womb. One way or the other mom had to eat for you and me to survive in the womb. These foods got us the strength to be kicking in her womb, just to tell her we were still alive and kicking as well.



No country in the world has ever gone through the year without the production of food either in the solid or liquid form. Day in day out we float around in at the various malls and super markets getting foodstuffs to help us live through each second that passes by. These are all thanks to the farmers around who work their asses out to make sure that we get enough foods to live throughout the year.

Though among all these farmers various districts and regions around would choose crown someone as the best in the specific district or region. Nationally there are many farmers who contest for the national best farmer’s award which so many attention would be shifted to on our various T.V and radio stations around.



I want to use this opportunity to say to all farmers around here that our lives depends on them and they are the very ones who holds the development of the country, since without them we are also not there because we wouldn’t have enjoyed all the various food we eat each day if they never planted it in the first place. We appreciate their hardwork and all that they do. Wish them all the best in their works to be able to feed us each day.

As a Spanish man would say Gracias
The English will also say Thank you
But here we say Ayekoo to all farmers and wish them a happy farmers day.

Best regards