It a state when we feel life seems not to pay us back as we expected

Life to us sometimes, seems to favour certain people at certain times more than it being fair to us. We think of living as going in favour of the bad ones than it was to be for the good people around. This has allow most people to always move with the say, “Life is not fair”. Some people are so glued to things they like to do as work, sports or a hobby. So when they give in their all to work to perfection with no flaws attached to them and the system favour some more than the others, we could imagine how these people feels.



On the side of love, it is everyone’s wish to fall in love or being love by someone in our lives. There is no soul on this world of ours who can say he or she doesn’t need to be loved by someone. The problem to some men is that they always have the notion that they don’t need to be loved or want to share love. But let us just know that the very time you man behaves that he doen’t need your love is the very moment he really does need you.

Well I don’t know what would make a man, use someone he loves and cares for to be family with kids be used as a bait, just because he wants to bring an enemy to justice or shame. I always ask myself are those crazy and slippery plans worth it at all, because humans in nature can change at any point in time. if the person you love so much is killed or destroyed in her process of being your eyes and ears around the enemy’s camp.



Aside her even being destroyed, what if she turns out to be part of the very thing you wanted to stop. She would even be strong to ruin you since she knows every plan of yours from day one. Many risk these plans and end up losing the very thing or someone they cherished to the same person they tried ruining. I could sense the sorrows and pain from a man who lost the love of his to an enemy he planned to put in the same hole with.

Now his love has fallen for the very person she was to find clues to ruin. After know most of what she came in to look for were just lies, she kept growing love for the enemy of her love. Now she stood tall for the person she was thought as an enemy and the shades are clear with her ending her relationship with the her original love. That's the cost to pay for being on an agenda to ruin others

I remain your humble servant