New week, New day


It’s a brand new week and we are happy to be among the living. When there is life there are a lot of opportunities that comes by with it. We feel energized to meet the week once again and as early as the day is still young we only hope that it treats us good and also help us with the will to help others all the time, for we are no saints if we can’t help one another.



This very morning all I could see from the faces of many here, that they really wished today was not a Monday. They have over made their weekends so fun for them that they are not in the mood for work this day. Many are so tired and looks like they really had the worst night yesterday.

I could only hear this staff over here talk about a football match he played yesterday and how tired he feels for playing for some few hours. What marvels me is the way he keeps walking around like a fellow who has lost all his legs. But as today being a work they I could only hear myself tell him he should really prepare for there are a whole lot to do this day.



The day so far for me has being moving here and there with files since the loads on Mondays are usally more than the usual. I keep pausing in times ever since I began to draft something worth reading about to post and yet the writes never gets ended. I have being trying so hard to finish it up and also to serve all the people around me this day.

But I don’t think I would get enough time to write all what I wanted to, so I would cut it off over here and probably continue tomorrow or any day I feel the vibes to write about it again. Nothing feels free and energized than talking about your day and all the lovely stuffs which comes with it.

Best regards