The delicate moments when your demons finds you wherever you go


Such it is when all hope is lost and there is nothing you could do than to face your demons just as they find you where ever you go. No matter how hard you run they get to you no matter what and in which ever way you try to hide, it never seems possible to deal with. All the gates around you looks closed and all the wet land around you just dries up with no help from no where.


I will so pity for this man as all doors around him looks closed just because he messed up on his journey to his age at this moment. Such a being who had it all that he ever wanted with much money to fly around like he wants. Many wanted to be like him in times of his success those days when he was the talk of the town.

But now here we are now with the youth who would have been motivated by him to do more being the same youth who look at him and never do want to be like him anymore. We were kids those times and as we saw him we wished to grow up and be successful as he is. But no body knows what went wrong for him to be all alone in life now and with sickness too.


Legends have it that he never for once stayed one a woman to call a wife but went round impregnating beautiful ladies that comes his way and will just cater for them and the kids and so none of these ladies also considered him as a husband. They just live around at different places and states as he also lives in a different state.

Nobody really knows if he actually took good care of his kids or he always landed on the bad side of the coin with these ladies. As many children like he has none really stays around him even as at this time where he is suffering from a mal stroke. Someone who had the energy and zeal to move around like he wanted is now at places he could not move about like before. He has lost the money he used to have and now begs to eat.

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