The Fade out from the struggles of life


Life on earth is such a great struggle, today we are here eating and smiling with each other and the next thing we fade out without any memory of us around. The good, the bad and the ugly moments we went through to dies with us forever, without no chance of writing the wrongs and worst things we did.



But who are we to live the forever dreams we wished we had, sometimes I ask myself why does life stretch us throughout our lifespan with only few good moments. Though we have the motive that people normally suffer because they or their ancestors wronged nature along the line to make things happen the way they wanted.

Some love to call it karma and praise karma that it never misses, just that it has its own way of rewarding anything we do here on earth. To some anything a man go through is as a result of what their family line had done. To others, they believe a man creates what he/she wants to be in life by his/her actions.



When we try to have the memories from our childhood to whatever stage we are right now, we would see that life has never been that easy. Though we have this special say that goes, we look back and feel like it was just yesterday. The feeling keeps tickling us to get out the best smiles we have ever had, while it can also make we regret certain actions we mounted in the lives of our fellow beings.

All things being equal we fade out with all these memories and all that we are left with are ants and maggots feeding on our bodies and that brains we planned our life with. In no time we are left with skulls and skeleton of our body left in the sand.