The lost flame in a man

.What at all makes one to always have the mentality of his fellow being failing in their life. Is it because of the joy they see them have around, or it is just for them to see them in the sad mood they want them to be tagged with all the time. I see no reason why we call our selves as one people and say that we have each other and still live around thinking bad for our fellows.



I always don’t get it at all when we move from our human nature to be inhuman around our own species, yet call our selves Human. Throughout my life I was made to think and to believe that we were all one people and we were to love and care for our fellow human beings as we did for our brothers and sisters. We grew up spreading the love to everyone who came our way.

I remember perfectly well when mom used to feed this mad man who passed by all the time. He even had his own bowl to eat from any time he comes around for food. I don’t remember how come he vanished for the thin air just like that with no one to contact or ask about him. That was the type of love we were taught to spread to every soul we come across. Though some of them are too eradiating to handle but still we move to help in the long run.



Just this morning I had the opportunity to listen to the sad side of someone who had being in his first degree program and was almost at the verge of giving up to life. All because of his results were coming as with poor performance, though the guy was an average student to be getting those poor marks in his student portal. These marks kept repeating in his other years on campus while baffled him to man up to call for a check in his scripts.

It was then that it was discovered that someone from no where had being from the very day he stepped in school has being writing exams with his name and index number and usual take of his original scripts with that of the fake him. It took the school to compare his handwriting in Mid-semesters examinations to those of his end of semester examinations to know the real issues at hand. Such a wicked world we live in for a fellow being to behave that way to a fellow.

I remain your humble servant