MOVIE REVIEWS~Beaches (1988)

"You were the wind that supported my wings"

Many of you may know the song "The Rose" - a song that begins with the lyrics "Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed..". Singer/opera singer Bette Midler sang this song herself in her movie "The Rose (1979)". Since then, Ms. has appeared in many films and musicals. Midler starred alongside Barbara Hershey in the 1988 film Beaches, in which she sings the song "Wind Beneath My Wings". The song even went on to receive the Song of the Year award at The Grammy Awards that year. The film tells the story of two girls who meet by chance in Atlantic City (one child, "Hillary", whose father is a famous lawyer and is a legal professional for generations, and "CC", who lives with ordinary parents in NYC) in different environments. It is a film about a friendship that lasted more than 40 years while growing up.

A native of the western United States, Hillary was brought up in a wealthy family and was well educated, so she also worked in the same profession as her father. After graduating from IVY League University, she became a competent lawyer at a young age, and her husband, whom she met through her father's network, is also a respectful and competent lawyer. However, her husband's affair leads to divorce during pregnancy. By this time Hillary had been estranged from her friend Cecilia Carol (CC). When Cecilia Carol (CC), who grew up from a background so different from hers, eventually became the musical actress she wanted and made her mark across the United States, unavoidable jealousy arose in her heart. One day, when my husband and CC visited New York City at the invitation of my husband, I had a big fight and then did not contact him. - Still, CC contacted Hillary and asked for reconciliation, but Hillary's heart, which was also overlaid with her husband's problems, hardly opened. not. However, the friendship between the two is restored at some point, and CC takes Hillary, who decides to live as a single mother, with her despite her busy schedule. However, at this time, CC was also successful, but her relationship with her husband was not very good. CC, who wants everyone around her to support and help her, and her husband, a talented but under-recognized Broadway producer, knows her and gives her full support. But maybe there was a limit to this, too, and because of CC's self-centered personality, she separated from her husband. Whether the situation between these two friends actually helped restore the friendship,

Hillary, who lives in the mansion of her father's estate, her precious daughter born in this way, is still a competent lawyer. Although he experienced divorce due to his husband's affair, he was strong because he received his father's enormous inheritance, and he had a strong passion for life, but one day he suddenly collapses on the way to court. To find out the cause, he looked into related books and his disease was called viral cardiomyopathy, a serious disease requiring a heart transplant. This scene - It breaks my heart every time I see Hillary sitting alone in the library and learning about the disease. A sudden expression of loneliness, loneliness, discouragement, and fear is reflected on Hillary's face, as Bette Midler's "I think it is going to rain today" plays. As a hint of the difficult days to come, a song with the lyrics “It will probably rain today” plays.

The ending of this movie is probably quite predictable. Beaches is a sad movie about two girls who met by chance on a beach in the eastern part of the US in the 1960s, and the friendship that lasted nearly 40 years ends on a beach in the western part of the US. In the so-called chick flick genre, a movie that definitely enters the top 5 (I hate the expression "chick flick"). There is also a scene where The Wind Beneath My Wings, which was awarded Song of the Year in 1989 at the Grammy Awards (Bette Midler, who is the main character of this film: a great singer that perhaps only Barbra Streisand can compare: I hate Barbra, though) is played. is really painful. This movie will make your heart cry and bleed.

There are many famous lines, but these lines appear at the beginning and end of the movie. It's heartbreaking to see:

Hillary: Be sure to keep in tough CC, okay?
CC: Sure, we're friends, aren't we?

I think this song is a masterpiece that beautifully ended the 1980s. In Korea, it came out under the bizarre title of "Two Women".

Below are their first meeting as children, Hillary and CC's reunion as adults, New York Moments the two of them had fun together (2 videos), Hillary learns about the disease, and the final scene from the movie.

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