Again Hive coin Market May Actually Continue To Show Some Strength


This is the only thing that is keeping hive up.we can still continue to look for prices to go higher.we're not seeing any follow through at areas to where we should see buyers.we should be seeing buyers in the market in hive coin.
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We should be seeing strength bars and we're not getting it instead we're getting up and up abilities of the market buyers lifting price higher.I mean the market is even telling us that we're making lower highs in the market that's a not dead giveaway that the buyers are interested in hive coin at the 39 Cent level.

What am I looking forward to an hive coin is not too much.we're looking for the market just to trade this particular moment.we was looking for the price to hit that resistance area the same price continuing to trade Within these range.
The price is definitely a little bit more stronger.we will be up around 10 percent and it will happen but again I'm too bullish I'm too bearish we want to see follow through and we're getting it we want to see buyers.

You can see that there's definitely some strength into the market in hive coin.we have to play the side I am going to play the market in hive coin going up. I can see that being supported by the buyers they have already confirmed that a couple of times.

If you're trying to be a buyer this is how really want the market to move the next area is going to be around 40 cents.I want us to reference this just to make determination.

If the buyers are going to step in and show up all what my expectations are.I'm massively bullish I'm not massively embarrassed neither I'm just looking for a tradable market to where you would expect the market to kind of be flushed.

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