Bitcoin Market Really Is Going Through Some Selling Where I'm Seeing The Buyers?

Why I really want to focus in on the market and the bitcoin consolidating so that is going to be the price prediction.I'm going to transpose this downtrend.we're going to see the market in the this is going to be our first area.

We can expect to market in the bitcoin to get some resistance which is around 16,500 dollars.this is where we're going to create the price prediction in the market in the bitcoin.the market in the ground just to shoot up like 17,000 dollars.we're going to play the strength into the market.
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I definitely like us to make money as we anticipate where prices are going to go to be around 16,490 dollars.the market in the bitcoin begins to go down it's just going to take us longer for the marketing to bitcoin to go back up into our price Target.I am done real quick real simple the updated price predicts into the market in the bitcoin.
We were going to expect price and bitcoin to go down and if the market really is going through some selling where I'm seeing the buyers where the market buyers are trying to prop the market in bitcoin was going through we broke it Market is no longer trending way.
If you want to see the market and bitcoin close off of the highs close off of this trendy.we will know the market is still in a uptrend.we want to see the market hold this trend and the market in bitcoin.I do suspect the market is going to go down in price but I don't think it's going to go that low and play the strength into the market.

We're going to look for price to come in and hold this area around 16,500 dollars.I'm not going to give you all some outlandish price Target.I want us to make money I want us to learn how to predict accurately and reasonable to where we can see how price is really trending we may see the market run up to 16,500 dollars.

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