Cardano (Ada)Quick Pull Back Then Again All Time High Next Target Price Is 1.8 Dollars

The market was looking kind of strong and what i'm looking forward to the price to go up. and where the market has gone who saw the same thing it means you're dominating the space it means you're dominating everyone.

Who's trying to trade in these markets you did a wonderful job move on to see what the price has in store for ada.i was 14 and a half percent you see this market.this is one of the biggest indications of us knowing whether or not ada is going to continue to go up.
images 72.jpeg
This is the trend.this is where the market in ada is confirming it wants to continue to go up.we broke that trend we came back up but hold on you think the market is going to be able to sustain movement higher than you think it's going to be sustained.

We need to continue to be bullish.the market in ada until we see this market break up 1.4 dollar level.where we need to see this price and ada ultimately break for us to become more bullish yes see i already know i'm not even at all nervous to say price is going to come up because i know that the buyers are not in control.
We saw a pretty good move last couple of trading days in market they still have a huge task ahead of them for us to see the price break back up above.what i'm waiting for me to change and look for this price to continue to go up the buyers came through which is fantastic this is a very good spread came into the market in ada.

The market is trying to trick us it's trying to fool us into thinking this price is really strong but he's not going to fool us. the market truly wants to go up this could be a fake out move. you think it's gonna be sustained i mean take a look at this we saw price in market go up this market is massively bullish and financed

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