Cubfinance Coin Massive Sell Off. Is It Time To Buy Cubfinance Here?

The cubfinance market is going to continue to go down in price until time expect the weakness to continue simple we saw the weakness .

We're seeing the buyers trying to come in and bring price back up pretty see a buy signal on these multiple time where buy signal until i'm still going to anticipate price and i do see price and cubfinance trade 29 cents.we need to go long we need to come in and buy the market the price in cubfinance.
The market's going to do this game is played they actually place a position as to whether was bullish or bearish.they bought and sold this is what we're looking at this is the information as to what people perceived as see something on this price.we really need to see the buyers coming to the market.

You understand what the market needs to do to go up.the market in cubfinance has been broken you see the price is now trading below.which is not a good thing we wanted to see the market buyers uphold cubfinance price on this trend.we started this trend all the way back prices finally came back up trend.
We cannot be massively bullish in cubfinance.the price is not lying to us if the price truly was massively bullish.we would have seen the buyers step in alongside.we appreciate this information we know how to be in this market for cubfinance.we're not going to be bullish into the market cubfinance on a long-term trend is broken.

The market always gives us information every day.where buyers come in and try to prop need to know the price is going to go a lot lower.the buyers are no longer the price was still able to trade blow 30 cent seeing the price is still trading above .

I had earlier on the chart. we need to feel at least little bit more stable in our prediction. what the market is telling us if anything we're at least expecting some continuation of movement sideways not a bullish trend not a bearish trend .

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