Polygon Matic market will definitely came through give us some upward move soon

The polygon market in definitely came through. you can see it the market give us some upward move the market in polygon really was just consolidated the whole time..

The market was really doing i wanted to come in and revise my price.i needed to bring it all the way to a 2 dollar.we should have lowered the market around 2 dollar the ultimate price.this price prediction was correct if you had a time frame of about 1 week.
images 79.jpeg
This wasn't a good price prediction.why time preference is so important. you to hold for the long term because it gives them sample amount. why they always come out and where the price is going to go.you put on a price target you give a time preference it gives yourself enough amount of time to see whether or not
What this price prediction was it would have to turn out against your time preference how long would you have been into the market.we got a little bit more information in polygon.we should be able to see where the price is going to go next this market is bullish just looking at the chart.

You think the market is weak. you think it's bearish this market in polygon was just trading.it's a very stable market you really shouldn't be biased on one side of the tracks or not you shouldn't be bullies you shouldn't be necessarily bearish.
The buyers are though the first thing.we're going to do and the chart actually tells us.we've seen the price bounce from where the market is willing to buy up this currency the sellers.we can determine a pretty good as to where sellers are at it's really hard to see where the market can turn in it's a very rigid market on determining

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