Solana Is Still Trying To Stay Above This Trend Solana Might Even Be A Little Bit Higher


The marketing sol is still in a upward momentum still a buy.the market is still trending higher.we don't have nothing to worry about price will forever go up.if I were to extend this all the way out into sol market as long as the price stays on top price will go up.
We're going to use this as a reference point.where buyers need to be and where the sellers are at this is where the buyers needs to show up in sol can see how high it is comparative to the other volume.we've seen some volatility come into the market which is pretty good because we were still able to see the market Elevate itself to higher prices.
This is where the sellers came into the market.the market was able to close higher than the previous price bars.which tells us hey buyers showed up that is why the current movement in solana is going up that's exactly.

The reason why because demand is now coming back into the market.what I'm going to do.I'm going to move it up a little bit higher.the sellers are really positioned they may be positioned there around 34 dollar got to keep that in mind they also will be positioned there around 35 dollars.
Where these sellers are going to be in sol so the buyers will have to take out 34 dollars.if we're trying to buy the market we need to come in and try to take the bag from us to profit in that move all .
the volume is pretty much the same look the markets you all would be more proficiently.

I mean you all would be more you will be consistently profitable. you'll understand how this Market is working and moving against us the market is trying to go up.I think that's going to be our analysis.

We're going to look for sol to continually move higher price . when we look at this from a longer perspective.we still need to be a little bit cautioned because there's still some strength this is not like a new bull market for sol

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