Splinter Coin (Sps) Market Saw Some Volatility The Volume Increased As Well Where The Next Price Going On


Where sps price is going to go and it actually came a couple of centimeters higher than that pretty good call five percent.you need to know is that the market in sps instead of it holding this trend.the market is consolidating sps is trading this way.
images 21.jpeg
We are in a trading range this is the most current closest area of support into the market.I'm not going to hold this area down.I want us to maintain or at least see buyers maintain this area.what this is telling us as long as price in sps holds 275 cents.

The prospect of market going up is infinite because this is where the buyers have confirmed that they're willing to buy sps because they stopped the price from falling that's powerful information.where the buyers are located well.
This is where the sellers are currently positioned to the market in sps maybe a little bit lower and bring it down.I mean the sellers are very tight trading range.we need to determine outside of the trading range.which side is the market going to break it's going to break higher or is it going to break down that's something.

We've been in an uptrend for a while which is very good to see.if the market in sps is unable to break above 0.027 cents.you can literally see that where the sellers are coming to the market now buyers are currently trying to fight the sellers and get them out the way.

We need to look at these price bars as action as to what the overall market trying to do you see something like this you automatically need to think that price is going to go up.

The market did not give us that a supported price down and where the market is buying.the market is accumulating in sps coin it is giving us strength into the market of sps coin still.

I'm still a little sps come to go higher.we've already seen where the market topped out I'm looking for the price to go up in sps coin

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