Why Ftx Coin Market Still Has Enough Legs To Go Higher? Ftx coin Run Into This Trend High Market Analysis


The ftx coin market still has enough legs to go higher or will we continue to see the price come up and you can kind of tell from this perspective the market and ftx coin is still trending higher.this is what I'm expecting I'm expecting a marketing ftx coin to run into this trend.
What a test is going to occur in the market for ftx coin can the buyers continue to Trend.this Market higher because one thing you can tell has been going on the market has been making highs.we don't like to see in order for us to maintain the bullishness.

We don't want to see the market continue to make lower highs.the M
market getting tired the buyers are running out of money to continue to buy up this currency and that eventually the sellers are going to come in and push the price high.
This market and ftx coin continues to Trend higher.if we're not looking for the price to go down then obviously it can only go up the opposite direction this high volume bars.I tell you to always pay attention to the volume because it tells us whether or not a big player is involved or not.

The price closing at the high that's good to see but it's only good to see to the points.where you get justification or follow through meaning the market still needs to Trend higher.we haven't seen the price has done anything but going up.we're still seeing about a strength coming to the market.
I'm just trying to give you all how to digest the market and tell you how the market currently is pump.you don't get caught in a very bad position and we're still seeing that there's a couple of people market participants that's still excited about ftx coin.

The market has moved climactically higher the market already up 5 percent and people think that it's going to continue to run up and go up into perpetuity that is why the market is so far sustaining itself but what I'm trying to show you from my perspective is going to come up.

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