Why Solana Bull Run Is Over ?Market Again Hit 240 Dollars


Where The Solana price is still trying to go. it's still going to be real important to where price is going to go the market in Solana there around 202 dollar.
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I told you all then as long as price in Solana was able to hold price. they were going to see the market go up and that's pretty much been the case we're still seeing some strength. we still see the market and contain a whole 105 dollar .his market in Solana come up to 105 dollar.

The market was able to close there at 110 dollar. people are still interested in Solana price even trading up towards all-time highs. they're expecting the marketing Solana they're willing to come in and buy the market there sellers still involved internal marketing.
We are finding the elevated support area. where the market and Solana is trying to hold and trade i still see the market as being overextended from this overall trend. the market is definitely overextended look the market is still giving us some strength in this particular space.

We all need to be paying attention to see where price closes on this current daily price bar. the price and Solana to go stable the price and Solana hit a 120 dollars.i'm actually still seeing some weakness into the market in Solana .
I'm still seeing they're selling for the majority of the part going on trading above 110 dollar. the marketing Solana where the strength is coming we see this market come up in Solana.we really need to see a whole 120 dollars. we're going to come all the way back up we need to see the market and Solana hold the marketing Solana.

I am going to play the strength into the marketing. i'm not telling the market going to collapse i'm not saying the price is going to plummet. we are noticing how this market really is just trying to create a consolidation range.

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