Why The Polygon Market With This High Volume Is Definitely Telling Us Buying Came Into The Market


We need to anticipate a big move back up to the up end.I would say around 1.12 dollars will be another logical point.we can actually see buyers come in and try to prop up price.we're not there yet but we definitely need to be on guard.
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What occurred into the polygon market with this high volume is definitely telling us buying came into the market.why the polycub market currently is trending up. we're kind of like a wait and see period to see whether the buyers come back into the market and after this fantastic move higher.

You can tell this is just simply selling coming into the market you can tell on this current today price.the market currently is closing off the highs that simply represents there's more buying coming to the market than there are people buying it with this high volume.
We need to be on guard to make sure buyers are really confident they're willing to prop a baseball's price in this vicinity this current day price bar it looks pretty decent in terms of the spread meaning this spread literally encompassed.

The market was really trying to move out of that area and close above this 1.12 dollars.we saw the price go up.we saw the market go up.we're closing off the highs it kind of tells me this is where the market going to try to hold between the buyers and the sellers they want to continue to transact there until one of the size of the markets actually win now.
The buyers may actually be leaning a little bit more dominant than them sellers I really wanted to see how strong the market in polygon really is currently it's not that weak.we all can see that buying is definitely coming into the market you're into this market move already in polygon scene price go up.

This Market is delivered telling us.we need to wait until the buyers come back into the market to confirm that they're looking for price to contain the trend higher.I'm looking for buyers to come in and hold either we definitely need to see the buyers hold we try to anticipate the continuation to move higher .

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