FOOOD: Meet Thee Almighty Okpa


Well this is my first post on this new blockchain which is a sister blockchain to steemit. I have hope this new blockchain will fare better.

Will be discussing about food today and I will go local. I'm a Nigerian from the Eastern part of the Country dominated by the Igbo Tribe/Race. Okpa which is the Local name is a popular local food in Nigeria mostly in the Eastern region. It's one of the identity of the region and it's known for it's delicious taste. Okpa is gotten from Bambara nut, that's Bambara nut flour. Dried Bambara nuts are grinded into fine particles with the help of a grinding machine and it's being sieved to separate the flour from other particles. It's a tedious work to sieve the flour and after sieving, the flour is used in making the delicious OKPA food.

One good thing about this food is that much ingredients are not needed because it have it's own natural taste and flavour. The main ingredients needed includes:
Bambara nut flour
Red oil
Vegetables but not necessary
The above are the basic ingredients even though vegetable is not necessary some do add it and other ingredients not mentioned above.

It's very easy to cook and doesn't need much expertise. Just as I mentioned above, it doesn't require too much ingredients.
1: first step is to make your ingredients and Bambara nut flour available and ready
2: place a pot full of water on fire and start boiling.
3: using a bowl, put a full cup of Red oil, some pinch of salt and pepper, and then measure four cups of Bambara nut flour. Depending on the Quantity you would like to cook.
4:mix all with your hand until it's well mixed and add warm water from the boiling pot to make the mixture a little bit watery.
5: use leaves or nylon that can withstand high boiling temperature. Put the mixture into nylons in a measure quantity, tie the nylon and put in already boiling water.
6: boil for at least one hour and allow the mixture to solidify.
7:boom your food is ready.
This food can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner and it's enjoyed with maize pap or custard. It's popular eating with soft drink like the coca cola product coke and the combination is really amazing.
The food above was cooked and the pictures taken by me

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