Market hauls of different sorts

I'm tired and I'm late: yes, it's Sunday and I'd wanted to talk about the market yesterday, but it was Hive Power Up Day, and I had other business to do.

Despite that, my market business happened. As it does every week. As a consequence, and because I have a busy week ahead (I hope), I started some advance prep today.

Yesterday's market was notable for a number of reasons.


We now have an actual sign pointing people to our market, and which tells them our trading times. Yes, I know that most people are completely illiterate, including the most educated, but at least this way, we do have a point of reference. It was a team effort: I did the "art work" and commissioned the job, J got permission for the spot and The Husband then sorted it so that it was rigid enough to chain - permanently, we hope - to that corner pillar.

Despite my facetious suggestion regarding the broader population's illiteracy, latecomers to the market did observe that they were late:

You close at 11?

Ahem...yes, that's wot the sign says, doesn't it? said the speech bubble over my head...

Bread and bartering


It was so lovely having our friend, R, from the mountain (remember the birthday celebration?) making an impromptu stop at the market with their magnificent produce. We don't see her often - usually it's B...

So, we bartered. Bread for, no, not wine, but the most glorious flowers.


This bunch includes the king of all proteas and added a touch of spring to my stall.

Although, by value, one bunch should have covered it, she insisted on my having a second bunch and I chose a bunch of warratahs that, when I came home, put in a vase with the pincushions from The Husband. I love it: a bright, happy show.

Because they're so beautiful:

A close-up of the bunch with a king protea, and ericas (heather) and suikerbossies

This was the array from which people could choose.

The tailgate of R's bakkie - pickup - that was her stall

The other market haul

Last month I talked about my quest to use less plastic and waxed lyrical about deliveries of jars. Yesterday was one such day of bounty: two bags of jars and loose ones from two regular customers and my market pal, J.

Look!  my labels!!

Of the 19, 8 were "my" jars. Chickens coming home to roost, perhaps? The other 11, all totally useable. Happy me!

Speaking of jars, what was in the jar this week?


Thank you for asking: it was the roasted carrot, almond, olive and rocket salad that I dress with my spicy plum jam and apple cider vinegar. It's one of my "made-up" salads (I'll check if I've done the recipe), and each time I do it, I get great feedback. This time, I made enough for us. Tomorrow's supper and a report of how I will serve it, to follow!

After last week, programming was back to normal. After three weird weeks, it was a relief!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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Very neat sign Fiona, funny how people read but nothing registers!
Awe those flowers speak of the Cape, your friend's proteas are simply stunning!


Thank you, Lizelle. The flowers are magnificent!Believe it or not, the flowers R brings to the market are the those not considered good enough for export. Most of their crop literally flies away. That's part of what makes it so incredibly special for us: we literally get them at a steal.


Oh!!! The flowers are amazing!! The proteas are even more than amazing! I haven't seen one in a long while! How lucky are you... and then another bunch? This was totally your week.

Great sign. Did the husband get it to chain in a permanent manner? You totally hit paydirt when you got a refund on all those jars! Hello? I never get that many back without whining and I give them the jam or whatever is put up. I will admit, last year I told my relatives they only got more if they gave me back the jars. We'll see how that goes.

What is in that jar? Indeed! Yummy goodness, as usual! Oh!! Dressed with plum jam and apple cider? Now that has got to be special! How do you think of things like that? I may have to look that one up. Surely you are going to put this cookbook on Amazon or something, yes?

You are so creative, I'm surprised you let me on your post. LOL I want to thank you for being a part of #MarketFriay! Thank you for the awesome support!

Thank you for participating in #MarketFriday! I appreciate the time and effort that goes into putting a post together for the challenge. It is with great pleasure that I read through and realize how much we have all tried to include things in our world that may be unique to the area. I have learned so much about the different cultures of the world, especially the small things that go unnoticed except by those looking for them. Life is interesting, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. I hope the week has found you healthy and happy, as we all look to prosper in our way of life.

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King proteas are rare and expensive because the bushes don't produce many. Believe it or not, the flowers R brings to the market are the those not considered good enough for export. Most of their crop literally flies away. That's part of what makes it so incredibly special for us: we literally get them at a steal.

The carrot salad: I must check. My copy suggests I have "published" it,but since then, I have honed it. The spicy plum jam is also one.of my own products... With plum season approching,I shall be making more. I have a feeling that this recipe is one that disappeared when my former blog host did a bunk.

The recipe book...ahem...I have a list and a framework that I put together in lockdown. I even have a working title... 🤐🤦🏼‍♀️😆


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