Three photo Thursday and a Feline Friday


Another emerging ikhowe. We thought it would get bigger. It didn't, and yesterday morning, had signs that other mushroom lovers had nibbled at it. I picked it and it's in the fridge awaiting its fate. I am scheming.


A bunch of sweet basil. This has to be one of my favourite herbs and each year, I cannot wait for the plants to produce leaves in abundance so that I can make pesto. We're still not quite there, yet, but this bunch did allow me to make a sort-of chunky pesto for Wednesday's pasta supper.


This sight had me scurrying back into the house for my camera:
The spekboom aka jade plant (Portulacaria Afra), in full bloom. Again.

I am taking this as an omen because this flush is the most spectacular I've ever seen.


These two welded themselves last night when we went to bed and did not move. On the contrary, they just tried to get closer. I was, as usual, the cats' mummy. I could hardly move. Gandalf spent the entire night with his nose either nuzzling my neck or his head on my shoulder.

Post script: I am trying to participate in @traciyork's November #HiveBloPoMo. I emphasise trying because the last two months have been exactly that - trying. There have been times that I've just been too exhausted and uninspired to post, let alone write something profound. That shouldn't stop you - or anyone. Read about how to participate here.

I've made it to day 25!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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The garden is beautiful and the cats are in a good mood. The love of animals is as important as the love of people or trees. They always say don't be afraid of people who love animals. Because loving an innocent creature shows the soft heart of a person.