My First Escape Room Experience In Pandora Experience, I Was So Scared And Panicked


Hello my dear friends. I have been wanting to share about this for so long. My friend told me about this thing called Escape Room. I think i have heard about them before but i never thought that i want to experience it nor i interested about them. Maybe because we dont have any escape room in my city. No one of my friends talked about it. So naturally, i dont care about it too. My friend sharing his experience playing in escape room with his siblings makes me curious and want to give it a try too. We googled them up and luckily they have one Escape Room in Bali, the name is Pandora Experience.

Pandora Experience in Bali located in Kuta, its just 15 minutes ride by motorbike from the guest house where i stayed. I believe that Pandora Experience in Kuta is the only escape room in Bali. They dont open daily, only open from Friday to Sunday. They dont open in another weekdays. I dont know why but maybe its to lower the cost? Since mostly people will come in weekend and will rarely go in weekdays.

In our first try, sadly we passed the open time. So, tge latest we can enter the room is 5 pm but we called around that time and we were located quite far from Pandora Experience. It will take us 30 minutes to reach there and they’re already close the door by the time. Its a pity but we have to reschedule. We’re rescheduled them for the next two weeks because my friend have to go back work first and only have time in two weeks later. Since my time in Bali is quite flexible, i am fine with any time. We finally be there in Friday, 1 pm.

When we register and pay, the worker lady told us if we post an instagram story and tagged then, we can get 20% discount. Escape room aint exactly cheap so we will not missed the 20% discount for the world. We took the photo together and then posted it online. A very easy way to get the discounts.

There’s 5 episode that Pandora Experience Bali have, which is :

  • Legend Of Eldorado
  • Alcatraz
  • Area 51
  • N.E.V.E.R.L.A.N.D
  • Shutter Asylum

Looking at the difficulty, physical, and fear factor, i choose to have N.E.V.E.R.L.A.N.D. which is:
Difficulty : 3/5
Physical : 2/5
Fear Factor : 3/5
This is my first time trying escape room so i want the easiest one especially about the fear factor. If its too scary, i am scared that i will get a heart attack.


We first have to put all of our belongings inside the locker they provide. We cant bring our personal belongings inside the escape room. We cant even bring the phone which i think its quite regrettable because i really want to documenting all of my experience in the escape room. But i do understand why they make it like that, they must dont want that their experience gets spoiled in the internet. So, i respect that and just took the picture from outside and their lobby. But it will not stopped me from sharing my experience. Of course, out of my respect from them i will not share and explain the whole experience in this post. After putting all of our belongings in the lockers, we will get key for the locker and a walkie talkie and some other instructions of the game.

We get a walkie talkie to talk to the game masters. In case we need hints, we can asked the game master for the hints. We will get 120 minutes of playing. So, if after 120 minutes passes and we still cant finish the game, we will be counted as fail and we will have to go out of the game without finishing them. We’re told that to be careful of the cable and their furniture because we can messed the system if we’re not being careful.

In the beginning of entering the room, i was shocked and scared. Its totally dark, then there’s a screen played a video. Its an introduction for the whole story in N.E.V.E.R.L.A.N.D. So basically, N.E.V.E.R.L.A.N.D. talked about a genius researcher that went crazy after his wife died and he wants to make a system where we can always live forever, like in neverland. He’s a crazy and scary person because he makes his two boys going through the operation.

Its quite hard for me to adapting with what to do because i really dont know how this escape room works. After awhile, i can start adapting in what should i do and where to look for the hints. Its quite funny and very exciting, the feeling of having to racks our brain again to solve something is a feeling i rarely can feel lately. I missed having to use my brain.

There’re scary moment where me and my friend have to be separated because he needs to get his mind emptied in some kind of machine. We can choose one person inside the operation room and one person outside solving the game. In the end, i choose to be the one outside and be the one that solving the game because i think that my heart can take it to be tied in a operation bed and getting locked in there. Sadly, the game when i have to do it alone is my weakness. Its about direction, left and right. I cant its very hard for my brain to decided which one is left and which one is right. So, we ended up wasting a lot of time in there.

In the end, we solved the N.E.V.E.R.L.A.N.D. story i. 1 hr 30 mnts. Its not bad for two people eventhough we asked a lot of the hints from the game master. Its an exciting experience and i will surely try another escape room when i have the chance. I wish that i can go there with my siblings because it will be a lot of fun.

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Really fun experience by the sounds (and looks) of things. I've never tried an escape room before, I would feel quite claustrophobic but something with puzzles sounds like a lot of fun (particularly over physical challenges)


i was scared to feel claustrophobic too but its surprisingly not like that because we have to move from one room to another all the time