MONOMAD || THE GERIGIT MUSHROOM (Schizophyllum commune)

This is my post entry this time for the challenge on #monomad curated by @monochromes.

Good evening everyone, so on this occasion tonight I want to share a picture of a mushroom that I found some time ago.


Mushrooms are a group of parasitic plants, namely sometimes mushrooms have many benefits for other plants and sometimes mushrooms are also a threat to other plant life. As in my picture this time it is a mushroom gerigit, the word gerigit is derived from an Indonesian word which means irregular, this fungus does not threaten all types of plants because it does not grow on tree trunks that are still alive, this fungus only grows on stems a dead tree but things like this don't make him a dangerous mushroom. Mushrooms gerigit are mushrooms that are very small but they can grow very much in one tree, they can also grow to cover the tree they are growing but the tree must die first.

However, these mushrooms are very unique because even though they look very small, they have their own beauty that we don't even know about. These mushrooms do not grow with tall stems, they only grow with relatively large petals that make the age of the fungus more visible. The white color of the mushrooms indicates the age of the mushrooms are mature while the white color is pale or almost yellowish which indicates they are old or almost dead. Basically these mushrooms grow in the wild and they can also grow anywhere and anytime.

Based on my observations about the fungus, this mushroom has slightly hairy and white petals, while inside the petals there is a brownish color with a striped pattern. Actually these mushrooms do not grow with a regular shape they are not even all round. Here are some pictures of these mushrooms.












The gerigit mushroom has a petal width of about 2-4 mm. With a very small shape and size, this mushroom is often eaten by forest animals such as birds, partridges and goats. These mushrooms can be eaten by humans, it's just that the shape and size are too small so that we don't need to eat them.

All right, friends, this is all I can say on this occasion, hopefully it will be useful, thank you and see you next time.

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