Help me do the HIVE article in Wikipedia! - Update #1 | Basic concepts, features, economy..



It has been more than a week since I published the first post inviting users to help me write the article on HIVE in Wikipedia and I must say that while I could not find anyone in that post I spent all week researching a little more and translating as reliable as possible all the Spanish article that we already had. This post serves as an update of what was done but I invite all users with native English to participate and leave a mark on the article.

As I mentioned in the previous post this Wikipedia article will not be a new research per se, but a translation of the Spanish article that is of my authorship (check the history of the article) and that I have found very convenient to translate by adding a little more information and improving a little the format of the article.

Wikipedia is, contrary to what many people think, an encyclopedia in which ANY person can edit, but that does not mean that there are no users dedicated to reviewing the articles and in most cases deleting them if they do not meet the strict linguistic and design guidelines required by the platform. Therefore I have found it much more logical to make the article in a blog on my desktop and then format it and publish it on Wikipedia.

The article is divided into several sections:

  • What is Hive?
  • How does it work? (Features)
  • Where does it come from?
  • How is your economy composed?
  • Chronology
  • Initial support
  • References

Although I always have to clarify: Wikipedia is constantly updating information so if at any time something happens and you want to register it you can do it under your name.

Here I leave you a part of the translation that I am doing in my laptop, I try as much as possible to adhere to the linguistic rules of Wikipedia but if you see any grammatical error have a better way to say a certain paragraph let me know in the comments.

Hive is a Blockchain, crypto-currency, open source software project and social network created as a result of a coordinated division of the Steem platform executed on March 20, 2020. It was created by former members and developers of the Steem community as a way to disassociate themselves from the company Steemit Inc. after its acquisition by Tron and a couple of incidents involving Justin Sun, owner of the company.

The purpose of Hive is to serve as a decentralized social network whose content is immutable and accessible at any time and anywhere in the world, as well as to be compatible with the creation of DApps and various tools that enhance the attractiveness and usefulness of the network.


As it is a fork, its code is based on the version of Steem available at the time of division with some modifications aimed at avoiding incidents like those that led to that event, as well as improvements according to the criteria of the community participants. The platform is programmed in the C++ language and its conceptual objective is to follow the vision of being a decentralized chain of blocks where you can create completely immutable and accessible content at any time.

Changes from Steem

The changes introduced during the fork were quite noticeable. Among them, we can mention

The confiscation of the coins related to the companies Steemit Inc. and Tron, which were transferred to DHF to be used in the development of Hive and other related projects, eliminating the potential influence Justin Sun could have on the network through them.

The addition of a 30-day period before Hive Power's proceeds cannot be used to participate in the block chain governance system (election of witnesses and voting on proposals published in the Hive DHF). This feature is considered an improvement of Hive's resistance to Sybil attacks with respect to Steem. This period does not affect the ability of users to use the newly obtained Hive Power to vote content, power down and even delegate it to another user.


The economy of Hive has the same system as in Steem, replacing the names of the tokens and integrating a new decentralized background system (DHF), the current currencies are: HIVE, Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) and Hive Power (HP).


HIVE is the main crypto-currency of Hive, not to be confused with HIVE (crypto-currency) with Hive (network), this crypto-currency is the representative crypto-currency of the block chain and is the one that guarantees that the network has a value, basically the commercial crypto-currency of the network and the one that makes the value of Hive grow. The only way to obtain this cryptocurrency is through the rewards pool, the one in charge of distributing the HIVE and the Hive Backed Dollar, the rewards pool is distributed among the content created by the content creators and content curators (representing 65% of the distribution of the rewards pool), the rest is distributed among the interests for token possession (15% of the pool), 10% dedicated to DHF and 10% dedicated to the token rewards.

Hive Backed Dollar

The HBD is a backup currency used to maintain a stable economy in the network, this currency aims to support the value of HIVE thanks to a stable currency, the objective of this cryptomone currency is to have a value anchored to 1 U.S. dollar in order to serve as a backup to the printing of HIVE, for every certain amount of HIVE a specific amount of HBD is printed, currently the ratio is 19:1, ie for every 19 HIVE printed, 1 Hive Backed Dollar is printed.

Hive Power

Hive Power is the only non transferable unit, its value is the same as HIVE, only Hive Power is a unit that is used to show the influence that a user has inside the network, the more Hive Power has a user, the more influence it has in the network, therefore, it can perform more operations like transfer crypto-currencies in the network, vote content, vote for some witness, vote for some proposal and also it can delegate more Hive Power to different users.

Hive Power represents a very important factor in the chain since this currency is the one that allows selecting the tokens, that is, the people in charge of updating and improving Hive's base code. Also, through the Hive Power the votes given by the curators can have more or less influence, the more Hive Power the curator has, the more powerful his vote will be.

This is more or less a part of what I was able to translate and put into the Wikipedia forum, I still have the article in drafts waiting for some native English speaking user or linguist to review it. This is very important because the slightest error in the writing can cause me to delete the whole article without notice and with a "Strike" when it is time to publish another one.

If you want to see the main article in Spanish and of my authorship I invite you to review it in the following link. It contains all the bibliographies, format and orthographic rules necessary to form the encyclopedia so it is a good reference to take into account.

If you want to give me something, an information about the Blockchain or some correction in the translation you can do it via the comments of this post or also via the Discord that I have created to mount this project. I would be more than grateful for your contributions.


This has been all for now, for the next post I hope to have the format ready and the article already verified for publication, Google has a great acceptance by Wikipedia and indexes each of its articles very easily in the top positions so I think it is a unique opportunity if we can do all this in the best possible way.


Thanks for passing by!