Flora Nwosu

Hard working, open to learn new things and positive about life
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+10.074 HIVE
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Author reward: 0.03513439 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-92-my-dream-vacation
Author reward: 0.00444610 NEOXAG for floraada/re-ninahaskin-2022724t83440575z
Author reward: 0.00451593 NEOXAG for floraada/re-ninahaskin-2022724t6585453z
Author reward: 0.00082189 NEOXAG for floraada/re-adalathu-2022721t184055878z
Curation reward: 0.00001432 NEOXAG for floraada/self-discipline-is-a-part
Author reward: 0.02746575 NEOXAG for floraada/self-discipline-is-a-part
Author reward: 0.01630478 NEOXAG for floraada/healthy-food-for-healthy-living
Author reward: 0.02802929 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-91-lady-in
Author reward: 0.02173527 NEOXAG for floraada/desires-for-positive-achievement
Author reward: 0.02172614 NEOXAG for floraada/living-the-next-50years
Author reward: 0.00600789 NEOXAG for floraada/re-alesquisa18-202279t81336375z
Author reward: 0.11289699 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-90-my-passion
Author reward: 0.02148602 NEOXAG for floraada/fraudulent-schemes
Author reward: 0.00000180 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-refpvz
Received stake of 0.00269417 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Received 0.00269417 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (0.002694 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)
Curation reward: 0.00000708 NEOXAG for nill2021/ladies-of-hive-community-contest-89-my-mujer-exitosa
Author reward: 0.00020583 NEOXAG for floraada/re-hopestylist-rebvuj
Author reward: 0.04154023 NEOXAG for floraada/relationships-with-the-new-technology
Author reward: 0.42326276 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-89-to-describe-the-traits-of-a-successful-woman
Author reward: 0.01726150 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-re182n
Author reward: 0.01766952 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-re17cu
Author reward: 0.01681477 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-re16sa
Author reward: 0.03795540 NEOXAG for floraada/the-greatest-of-all
Author reward: 0.03498316 NEOXAG for floraada/re-starstrings01-rdz4gj
Author reward: 0.02123974 NEOXAG for floraada/re-menoski-rdy3hj
Author reward: 0.09465401 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-community-contest-88-what-i-do-on-a-working-day
Author reward: 0.01628566 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-rdvcdl
Author reward: 0.19997502 NEOXAG for floraada/freedom-writing
Author reward: 0.01531135 NEOXAG for floraada/fear-of-failure-rds5qz
Author reward: 0.03676776 NEOXAG for floraada/a-mothers-love-towards-her-children
Author reward: 5.2E-7 NEOXAG for floraada/re-goodysam-rdlbch
Author reward: 0.01006745 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-rdkks5
Author reward: 0.00902270 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-rdfgp2
Author reward: 0.04032959 NEOXAG for floraada/weird-food-combinations-loh-contest-87
Author reward: 0.02118375 NEOXAG for floraada/what-is-the-most-extreme-example-of-poverty-you-have-ever-seen-loh-86
Author reward: 0.02552025 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-85-what-do-you-usually-do-for-fun-and-how-often-do-you-do-them
Author reward: 0.01816042 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-85-how-do-you-handle-correction-or-criticisms-from-other-people
Author reward: 0.00012165 NEOXAG for floraada/re-joanstewart-rc8ovi
Author reward: 0.00464734 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-rc6fg9
Author reward: 0.04502406 NEOXAG for floraada/loh-contest-83-the-most-devastating-event-in-my-life