Flora Nwosu

Hard working, open to learn new things and positive about life
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Author reward: 0.28942985 NEOXAG for floraada/i-learnt-the-hard-way-ladies-of-hive-contest-149
Author reward: 0.00000592 NEOXAG for floraada/re-terganftp-2023829t20021968z
Author reward: 1.16777767 NEOXAG for floraada/everyone-needs-understanding-in-all
Author reward: 3.27522089 NEOXAG for floraada/creative-sunday-a-frog-made
Curation reward: 0.02579577 NEOXAG for nkemakonam89/what-makes-my-weekend-enjoyable
Curation reward: 0.01068600 NEOXAG for maxwellmarcusart/drawing-a-portrait-1207
Curation reward: 0.01723619 NEOXAG for bruno-kema/why-do-people-overdo
Author reward: 0.15658473 NEOXAG for floraada/re-glorydee-rycwjk
Curation reward: 0.05701495 NEOXAG for glorydee/dealing-with-stress-its-ok-to-take-a-break
Author reward: 0.13468152 NEOXAG for floraada/a-promise-is-a-debt
Author reward: 1E-8 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nemevjassy-rybl13
Author reward: 2.93767833 NEOXAG for floraada/bags-and-baggage-s-of
Author reward: 1.32742767 NEOXAG for floraada/breaking-free-embracing-liberation
Curation reward: 0.00792025 NEOXAG for uchechi123/comparing-being-an-entrepreneur-with-working-class
Author reward: 0.00247215 NEOXAG for floraada/re-lightpen-2023711t213122321z
Author reward: 0.00362107 NEOXAG for floraada/re-marynn-2023711t1656249z
Author reward: 0.00338166 NEOXAG for floraada/re-marynn-2023711t164244211z
Author reward: 0.03183914 NEOXAG for floraada/re-adaezeinchrist-2023711t163846593z
Curation reward: 0.00721654 NEOXAG for princess-dara/re-nkemakonam89-2023711t113214600z
Curation reward: 0.00331942 NEOXAG for lightpen/pictures-and-filter-semblance-above-90percent
Author reward: 1.00187738 NEOXAG for floraada/decietful-reflection
Author reward: 0.03282164 NEOXAG for floraada/re-george-dee-rxjqss
Curation reward: 0.10705048 NEOXAG for george-dee/making-a-rechargeable-lamp-from
Author reward: 5.09169674 NEOXAG for floraada/a-beautiful-yarn-beaded-tree
Author reward: 0.01536094 NEOXAG for floraada/re-offia66-rxa1l1
Author reward: 6.99352827 NEOXAG for floraada/my-big-sister
Curation reward: 0.00910627 NEOXAG for mercysugar/more-or-fewer-siblings-which
Author reward: 0.00194054 NEOXAG for floraada/re-fashtioluwa-2023628t205657645z
Author reward: 0.00205381 NEOXAG for floraada/re-fashtioluwa-2023628t142644557z
Author reward: 0.03099093 NEOXAG for floraada/re-funshee-2023628t112943823z
Author reward: 1.83968036 NEOXAG for floraada/hidden-secret
Curation reward: 0.01138147 NEOXAG for princessbusayo/an-unexpected-test
Author reward: 0.17152068 NEOXAG for floraada/sudden-things-happens-for-a
Author reward: 2.45025023 NEOXAG for floraada/a-scary-summer-experience
Author reward: 0.17653636 NEOXAG for floraada/re-nkemakonam89-2023620t121430357z
Author reward: 0.00003480 NEOXAG for floraada/re-jude9-2023620t113437265z
Author reward: 0.00290770 NEOXAG for floraada/re-lightpen-2023620t111231854z
Author reward: 0.11922693 NEOXAG for floraada/re-moremoney28-2023619t191244703z
Author reward: 9.98690318 NEOXAG for floraada/expanding-my-business
Author reward: 1.32175260 NEOXAG for floraada/re-momogrow-2023619t13180665z
Received 200 NEOXAG from nkemakonam89 First 10 writers - neoxianprompts #6
Author reward: 0.00112579 NEOXAG for floraada/re-brume7-rtyd7p
Author reward: 81.03027533 NEOXAG for floraada/its-one-year-already
Curation reward: 0.01039951 NEOXAG for brume7/creative-sunday-looking-at-the
Curation reward: 0.02366766 NEOXAG for nkemakonam89/the-journey-started-somewhere
Curation reward: 0.02341568 NEOXAG for amiableamara/time-travel
Author reward: 0.02660544 NEOXAG for floraada/re-hopestylist-rtlbmh
Author reward: 1.20848868 NEOXAG for floraada/creative-sunday-making-a-hut
Curation reward: 0.01778206 NEOXAG for princessbusayo/hnulqmnw
Author reward: 0.00412262 NEOXAG for floraada/re-meritahama-202347t214632286z
Author reward: 0.77523375 NEOXAG for floraada/re-princessbusayo-rsr45p
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