When failure almost crushed me: my journey to academic excellence



The true potentials of a man are only revealed if he has a positive attitude towards a challenge that seems insuperable.

In my second semester of my first year in the university, I came across a course,which,I will say was one of the most complex course for me and any beginner in my department, except those who were extraordinarily intelligent. Coming from the high school,I'd thought that university education will be a bed of roses until I met this course. It was such a difficult one that,even if it seemed as though I understood the course when the lecturer will handle it in class, everything I learnt will subsequently vanish from my memory, leaving it completely blank. Worst of all, you dare not fail the course because if you do, it can keep you from graduating, even for years. And, the record of our predecessors who failed the course made many of us to believe having even a C grade will be by luck.
Subsequently,we were given a class assessment (CA) and I had 13/30; such a poor grade! With this, I knew I had to prepare very well for the exams,otherwise, what I dreaded most was gonna happen to me.
The first step I took was that I changed my perception about that course, though it seemed very tough,it wasn't really what it seemed;after all, I have heard of and personally seen people who had an A grade in it, so if they did, I too can. And that was the beginning of my success. Then I read as though my life depended on it. I was always with my books and didn't have a defined schedule for reading, it was everytime and even when doing my house chores. Then came the exams and I took it. When the results came out, I discovered I had 66/70. It was an A grade.
Other seemingly difficult courses I later encountered in my later years were handled with ease because I had earned myself an indestructible confidence in my previous challenge.

So, what's the message here?
♦️ If you want to overcome that challenge, tackle first your fear.
♦️ It's not what people say about a problem that matters as what you say. Your victory over a problem is greatly determined by your belief and perception.
♦️ There innate potentials buried inside you. It is your attitude towards a situation that will help you uncover them.

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