Condensed Milk Iced Coffee


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The 6th month of the year has been officially started thats known as June and this month is known as extremely heated one because of heat strokes. I personally don't like Summer season because of this month especially but fortunately, this month started with rain. I'm enjoying this weather which clearly doesn't look like a June. This time, our all cities are full of clouds and great weather that was not expected by any.

I'm going to share a coffee recipe but it doesn't suit with this weather which is cold one. But I have recorded it so why not sharing over here so that other country users could make it and enjoy it. This time I used condensed milk as a sweetener while you can use whatever you have available.

Condensed Milk Iced Coffee


I personally liked the taste of condensed milk that's why I used to add this to my coffee on every other day. It becomes an addiction now but I'm liking it. Do you guys like to add sugar in your coffee or something other sweetener?

Let's get started with recipe:

⚡️ Ingredients:

Cold milkas required
Condensed Milk1tbsp
Instant Coffee1tbsp
Hot Water3tbsp
Ice Cubesas you like

💫 Method:

  1. Settle everything on the kitchen countertop and start making your daily dose coffee

  2. Take a glass, add instant coffee and condensed milk along with hot water

  3. Froth the coffee with the help of frother

  4. Add ice cubes as much as you like since its an iced coffee

  5. Now pour cold milk on top of it and drink it


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