Preparing Food Items for the Guests


Hello Foodies,

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I was busy yesterday with my guests who were supposed to coming over at my place last weekend but du to some reasons, they came yesterday. This is why I had to prepare few things with the help of my husband and mother-in-law but I managed major part by myself. Though I prepared only few items that turned out super good. They loved every bite of the food so much even. I made Chicken Lasagna for them as a special dish which you can see below. I guess I already posted its recipe on my blog.


I also prepared Lab-e-shireen dessert for the guests though they were here at hi-tea but I made them to eat this yummy sweet. It turned out super good. I had no time to record its recipe this is why I only took picture when I was about to eat my serving. Guests also loved it so much. It just missed one ingredient but that was not necessary but still turned out so so good. I just loved it.


Look how colourful the below picture is. I have seen this colour in Cone for the very first time on the streets. I loved this colour and its flavour. As I told you above, some guests were here at my place so we went near to commercial area to explore few things where we found this yummiest cone. My mother-in-law made us to eat this. This is me with two female guests in the below picture.



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