Burjassot Night Mascleta - August 16th 2022 - Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo - Sant Roc


In the summer many towns in Spain have their own little festivals - mostly paying honor to their religious patron. And the town town of Burjassot was in full celebration mode in the middle of August and they of course included fireworks.

We've visited Burjassot with its famous underground silos before to write an article for our Valencia Blog.

but we haven't been back since our visit in 2015. One of our readers told us about these festivities and their amazing fireworks. So this year we hopped on our bikes at night to check out our first set of fireworks in Burjassot.

This was actually the second night Mascleta of the night but sadly some settings were off on my camera and the video was mostly out of focus. So basically not useable.

This video was recorded with this camera on this gimbal.