The Gran Coetà Aka La Cordà de Burjoassot for the Sant Roc Festivities 2022



This is the second Cordà we got to witness, the first one was earlier this year for Fallas. To be honest - we didn't like it back then. These kind of fireworks don't work for big crowds. If you're watching from a bit further away it's hard to see what's going.

Standing closer to the Cordà in Burjassot, or how they call it there ... the Grean Coetà was much more enjoyable. But still, it feels like that the most fun is inside the the cage. Maybe one day I can organize to film and take pictures from ground zero.

If you ever decide to go to a Cordà - do pay attention all the time because sometimes these rockets escape the cage and shoot straight into the crowed.

This video was recorded with this [camera]( on this gimbal.