The Strange Coffee Lover | Guru Coffee


"What are we going to tell the Maya police?" I asked anxiously, as neighbors approached us with torches and sticks.

"I don't know, Alan, we're going to have to hide Guru from this mob," Maya muttered in fear.

Guru came from a strange planet called Namekusei. We had adopted him from the first moment we saw him, as one of the family, but everyone began to suspect that something strange was going on behind the walls of our house.

In Golden Town, coffee plantations were our main source of income, so it was not difficult for my sister and me to find food for Guru. He was green and tiny like a rabbit, he couldn't talk and we never knew how he ended up on the planet.

We managed to hide him for many years, but the residents of the village began to notice that their coffee plantations were disappearing for no reason. Everyone began to blame each other, but eventually all eyes focused on our family.

We cried incessantly for Guru, not wanting anything to happen to him, so we planned to hide him from the coming evil. Our parents did not know of the existence of our monster, much less would they accept it. If they had discovered Guru, they would surely have killed him.

Very distressed, we decided to escape into the forest with Guru, at least until the police and the angry mob of neighbors retreated. But, when we were in the forest, a man came out to meet us. This was an old man whose clothes gave off a terrible smell.

The man took Maya by the arm and with his leg pushed me into the void. Guru, seeing us in danger, began to bite the man by his ankles, while my sister screamed desperately for help. I, who by then was surrounded by brush, stood up and tried to get to where they were.

But, when I wanted to reach them, a huge light dazzled me. Out of it came a voice that told me: "Take coffee to Guru, take coffee to Guru!” So I ran through the forest in search of coffee and when I found the seeds, I gave them to Guru to drink.

Guru, looking strong, began a transformation we had never seen before. From his arms, large wings spread and from his legs, large limbs formed, reaching the size of an average adult. Maya and I fell backwards at what we were witnessing. The evil man who had been stalking us fled in terror.

Guru, returned to his usual state as soon as the danger was gone, but, when we heard the sound of the mob walking through the forest, we were very frightened. He looked at us and we understood that it was time to say goodbye, crying, we hugged him and he ascended to the clouds as soon as we let him go. Our neighbors found us crying in the forest and ignored us.

Years passed, Maya and I grew up, until we became adults. We decided to create a brand of coffee, its name is Guru Coffee, we still hope someday for another visit from our fantastic alien monster.


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Hi Fran I loved your story, I almost cried just like the sisters when they said goodbye to Guru.
I imagine that coffee in your honor must taste exquisite.


Coffee to Guru is like Spinach to Popeye haha