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Although it is Will's story, every character had enough time to show us their individual struggles, Hillary, a food influencer that is trying to find her foot so she can leave her parent's house. Carlton, the perfect son struggling with addiction. Ashley, a young woman discovering her sexuality. Philip Banks, a man trying to keep his family together while he runs for office and Vivian, a mother who is struggling to keep a relationship with her daughter as well as find her place in the art community.

Wow! It looks like they worked more, adding new stories, to the life of the characters. Carlton with addiction? Totally different from the original Carlton, who was rather innocent and silly; Ashley discovering her sexuality? Turns out she's a lesbian? Wow, a radical change from the original characters; however, I understand it, since they have to adapt it to current times. I also find the character of Jeffrey, the butler, striking. I like that funny and ironic touch they give him. Greetings . Good review