Horizon Zero Dawn: TallNeck - Copper Deeps.

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Today, I would like to talk about overriding a TallNeck also we know as Cyber Giraffe of Horizon Zero Dawn. This TallNeck is recognized for its location Copper Deeps and this is the second TallNeck that I overridden although it was the first one that I noticed which I didn't think I could do anything with.

You may watch the video above to see the gameplay yourself and I bet you won't regret watching the gameplay.

Objective Log
The only objective of the TallNeck quest is jumping on their back and overriding them. They remembers anything along their path and sends what it sees to other machines, so if I can override it then it stops sending signals to other machines and that's the goal.

The TallNeck of Devil's Thirst was 2251 walk away from my location after completing Revenge of the Nora mission.

I started riding my previous overridden strider towards Copper Deeps.

It was really hard for me to find a shortcut road towards the TallNeck and I used the strider to kill 3 watchers at the same place although I lost the strider at a time. Then I overridden a a Broadhead and I used it as my ride for the rest of the road.

Screenshot (1).png

At last I reached the location from where I could see the TallNeck and to get close, it was really a hard path as there were different kinds of machines one the way like cyber versions of crocodile, bird and watchers.

Screenshot (2).png

I started to run towards the TallNeck evading all the obstacles on the way which was really hard.

Screenshot (3).png

There were big cyber crocodiles and birds on the way who were always watching and I got caught by a watcher as well but luckily I got rid of it.

Screenshot (4).png

Look there's the TallNeck at the left side, a watcher at the right side when I was hiding Aloy into the tall grass.

And I was kind of confused about finding the higher place close to the TallNeck from where I could jump on it so I kept looking and suddenly I notice this tall place which should be it.

Screenshot (5).png

I went to that tall place but there was a watcher and two cyber crocodiles guarding that place.
I knocked down the watcher first when the crocodiles came to look for me.

Screenshot (6).png

I hid Aloy into that tall grass area from getting noticed by the cyber crocodiles and I kept attacking them from behind and I kept hiding Aloy and I kept doing this strategy for quite a time until I knocked out the cyber crocodiles.

Screenshot (7).png

And I got the higher space out of danger and I went for it. I was right about this place as it was the spot from where I got to jump on the TallNeck.

Before jumping on the TallNeck, I got to be sure that I could do it and I took some screenshots as well.

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

Then I jumped on the TallNeck and grabbing the stairs one by one, I kept going for the head.

Screenshot (12).png

And I was there on top of the TallNeck. Now I just needed to overridden it before I jump out of it but watching the cyber bird flying around which was disturbing me a while ago, I thought of mocking it for sometime and I thought it can't come close to me as I was on top of the TallNeck.

So I started shooting arrows targeting the cyber bird.

Screenshot (13).png

Well, I was wrong. The cyber bird could easily come higher than me and before it started attacking me, I hit the button to override the TallNeck thinking these machines may become my pet after doing this.

Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (15).png

I did it successfully and I leveled up finishing this. And it looked like the cyber bird still onto me and it started attacking me.

Screenshot (16).png

I attacked it back but it looked hard to take it down from this place so I stopped trying and rappelled down from the TallNeck.

The next chapter will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game and there's a logo that I used on the thumbnail picture.



I don't know much about this game and I must admit that I knew the name of the main character when she appeared as a character in Genshin Impact, the truth is that the graphics look amazing, the shots in the post are super cool and I think I'll try to play it sometime :D


I didn't know Aloy appeared in Genshin Impact.
I suggest you giving it a try.
And thanks for stopping by.


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