I find it amusing when I hear guys describe ladies as "money lovers", you hear something like, 'all these ladies, just want money, that's all they care about'. So he just thinks he only needs to make money and the girl will "align". First of all I will say that this is dehumanizing, and an injury to a woman's self worth.

The society has tagged women as golddiggers, I understand some humans, (not necessarily women) think that life is all about material possessions and social hype but it is sad that the whole body of women have to suffer this stereotype and live the rest of their lifes trying to prove the society wrong.

Let's assume this stereotype was right, wouldn't it mean that millionaires will have the best marriages? Won't the women give up on discovering purpose and contributing to the society positively through their creativity and amazing ideas? Women would just be reduced to money spenders, they would be described as a group of people who do nothing meaningful to contribute to growth and development, who on earth wants to be with this kind of person?

I will really like to make this clear, except you have been hanging around some shallow caliber of women, women are more than mere Money mongers, because a right thinking Lady is beautiful, exceptional, full of wisdom and purpose, she pursues alot of things but a man's money isn't one of them and is planning to make or is already making her own money.


A lady's heart goes out to a guy that has 'sense', a man that has a correct thinking faculty and mentality, someone that is no swayed by countless stereotypes, someone that is sensitive Spiritually, Emotionally Financially, mentally, all-round infact.
When I say sensitive Spiritually,I'm not asking that he should be a pastor or evangelist, this is great too but he should at least have a sense of spirituality and connectivity to the Almighty God. He should love God and be ready to lead the babe to love God too.

She wants to be able to talk God with you, discuss books,messages etc. He should understand basic bible principles, we cannot be arguing with you over giving or tithe. Even though many will say it is an old testament something Let us give it with new testament understanding. Hahaha😃😃She cannot constantly complain about you not being in line with the scriptures, telling you she wants to sow seed and you are always in opposition, saying 'all these pastors will deceive you people', or that she wants to gift her clothes to her girls and you will be saying something about being careful of evil eye.

She shouldn't have to warn you about the dangers of circular music Or so ga with disgusting lyrics or when she asks who your pastor is, you say you are the church and don't really submit to anyone.... She is interested in raising godly offsprings, raising a model home and seeks a man like Abraham who God can make boast of saying, 'I know my son........, for he will lead His household after me'.
To be continued.

I have a lot to say about the strength of women and the qualities of my ideal man but it might get too long, so I have decided to write in bits.
Thank you for reading my post ❤️


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