Bell The Cat



There was once a grocery store on green street in the Pantang province. There were a lot of mice in the shop, always destroying the dresses and bags. They sometimes get into the glassware and eat up the bread and cookies. One day, the owner thought to himself, "what should I do to get rid of these mice"?. "Pa, let's get a cat. I've always wanted a pet and this way, we get a pet who will actually be useful". The shop owner saw that as a good idea and decided to get one.

The owner went to the local pet shop to get a big fat cat. The cat had a good time killing several mice on the first day. On the third day, half of the mice had been eaten by the cat. They had an emergency meeting to find a solution to their cat problem. There were several suggestions and none seemed good enough. The oldest cat suggested, "let's put a bell around the neck of the cat so we can hear him move". All the others stood up clapping for him for his brilliant suggestion. After the noise died down, the youngest mice stood up and asked, "who will hang the bell around the cat's neck"?

If you have an answer, kindly respond so I give it to them as they are yet to find an answer to the youngest mice's question.