It's the 6th #ZapFic50Friday! Write me a story in precisely 50 words!

It's #ZapFic50Friday!

Welcome to the 6th ZapFic50Friday!

You have the weekend (until Sunday 23h59 GMT) to write a story in precisely 50 words (no more no less than 50!) using the prompt given

All valid posts will be upvoted and reblogged by and upvoted by the @freewritehouse.

Three winners will be chosen on Monday, each will get 1 Hive SBI share


Please post to the Freewriters Community.

Please post a link to your entry in the comments section of this post

Please use #freewritehouse and #zapfic tags.

YOU MUST use a word/character counter (if you search for word counter on the internet or in your phone's app store you will get a big choice!) and include a screenshot. Entries without a screenshot will NOT be valid

Please use the prompt provided as you see fit (use your imagination, you don't need to use the words of the prompt in your story if you don't want to)

Try to tell a complete story if you can!

The story MUST be precisely 50 words long



Good luck ZapFicers!


My life sucks.
What your life don't suck?
Hi! are you from Mars?
As per my knowledge, every life on earth sucks. Wait let me quickly get a camera, you are really rare species.
Click click.
I will write that in the front page of HIVE GLOBAL Magazine of freewriters.

Word counter screenshot.