My favourite songs right now!


In this weeks Hive post I will be writing about my favourite songs and why they are my favourite. This is for everyone to get to know my music taste and if anyone has similar taste to me.

  1. Sexy Nukim- Balming Tiger (ft. RM of BTS)
    I love this song because it gives a new light to K-Pop, they are one of the first alternative K-Pop bands. The song is sang at a low pitch and every voice is different. My personal favourite of the band is Mudd The Student.

  2. Tony Montana- Agust D
    I love rap music and I love Agust D. This song has very deep meaning lyrics as do all of his music. Tony Montana is a collaboration with other rapper Yankie, and I love the combination of their voices.

  3. Limerence- Yves Tumor
    This song is mainly instrumental and I love the vibe it gives. Whenever I listen to this song it gives me feelings of nostalgia, comfort and a feeling I can't explain. It is like a safety blanket on a cold winters night.

  4. Worth it- Beabadoobee
    I love this song because it is so upbeat and really sounds like a song from the 90s, however, with a modern twist. I love the drums. I have seen this song live and it is amazing! Her vocals are just ethereal.

  5. Disturbia- Rihanna
    I am an avid Rihanna fan and am always listening to her music, Disturbia is one of my all-time faves and I find I can relate to the lyrics. My favourite lyric is "Why do I feel like this?" and feel like I am always wondering why I am feeling how I feel and love that Rihanna also feels the same way. I would give anything to see this live!!


  1. Softcore- The Neighbourhood
    This song has so many lyrics that really hit home and is my go to when I am feeling down. Lyrics that hit specifically is "Are we too young for this?" and "I've been confused as of late." and feel they really reflect my life and childhood.

  2. Devil Town- Cavetown
    Again, this is one of those songs that I feel has really meaningful lyrics and really hit home. I always listen to this when I am feeling down and is definitely in my sad playlist! The lyric "You said something dumb again." appeals to me because we're surrounded by people who don't think before they speak.

  3. I'm not the only one- Sam Smith
    This song is relatable to a lot of audiences because the song really reflects things that a lot of people go through. The lyric "I have loved you for many years, maybe I am just not enough." This really reflects my childhood and relationship with people in my past.

  4. What if- j-hope
    This song asks a lot of questions to a listener, "What if I had no hope? What if I had no dream?" these are questions that everyone finds themselves asking at various parts of their life and I think the song gives a personal message to j-hope too in the way that if he didn't have all these hopes and dreams he wouldn't be where he is today. Everyone should always have hopes and aspirations.

  5. UGH!- BTS
    This song is a diss track to all those people that have dissed the rappers of BTS,
    (RM, SUGA and j-hope) and putting them down. The song really conveys the anger they feel and the lyrics are really deep and meaningful. I like this song because I love how they aren't afraid to call out those who have wronged them but without name calling.

That was 10 of my favourite songs right now and I hope that either informed you all of the type of things that I listen to or even gave you new songs to listen to!
Thank-you for reading :)


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