Splinterlands Weekly Challenge! RIVER NYMPH

Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..

This week featuring monster for weekly challenge is RIVER NYMPH. It is a Water splinter with magic attack. It possess a special ability called Cleanse which remove negative effect on the monster in the 1st position of your team. Cleanse ability works best with Noxious Fumes where all monsters will be poisoned at the start of each round. As Cleanse clear the negative effect on the tank, poison won't have effect on the tank.

After playing countless battles yesterday and today, I got only 2 battles with Noxious Fumes rule. I lost one of them because I was a bit careless. Water splinter was not available on the second battle. So, I. just stopped looking for the Noxious Fumes battle rule and just play a battle with RIVER NYMPH. Otherwise, I might not be able to post the weekly challenge.


* Rarity: RARE
* Element: WATER
* ABILITIES: Cleanse


Summoner : BORTUS

Bortus reduce 1 magic attack on enemy team with over 1 magic attack. It cost 3 mana.

First Position : TORRENT FIEND

A zero mana cost monster which is very useful for low mana capped battles where every monster count.

Second Position : ALBATROSS

Low mana cost monster which is useful for low mana capped battles or if you are left with slot and a single mana. Being a flying monster, it has some chance of avoiding the incoming attacks.

Third Position : HARDY STONEFISH

A single mana cost monster for low mana capped battles.

Fourth Position : DJINN OSHANNUS

Very fast monster with Void ability and high hit point make this monster first choice for most of the battles especially for high mana capped battles. Sometimes, I use it as the tank.

Last Position : RIVER NYMPH (Featuring Monster)

A magic monster with special ability called Cleanse which remove negative effect on the tank of your team. Especially useful for Noxious Fumes rule battle.


Alright, let's get started!

Only 17 mana was available to spend. No shield and no neutral monsters. Only Water and Earth splinters were allowed to use. Water and Earth splinters meant very high chance of using magic monsters. So I decided to use Bortus to reduce the magic attack. Djinn Oshannus was. selected as the main monster as it has void ability. Place 0 mana cost and 1 mana cost monster at the front. River Nymph is placed at the end of the line even though its ability may be useless. But I can't look for a battle with Noxious Fumes rule for I had played countless battle.

Enemy had a very strong magic team with magic boost monster. But it was neutralized with Bortus's effect. Djinn Oshannus's void ability also made it less effective. Yet still, enemy team had two magic monster with 2 magic attack and one of them had Blast ability.

All. low cost monsters were eliminated in the 1st round.

Although Djinn Oshannus could handle the incoming magic attacks, Blast ability starting to hurt my River Nymph.

It was like 3 magic attacks on each side and total of 7 hit points on each side. But once River Nymph is eliminated, there would be 2 attacks on each side.

As one of the enemy monsters was eliminated, it became 2 attacks vs 1 attack.

The battle was quite long and was settled in round7.


Did my strategy work?
The strategy perfectly worked, Bortus reduce the 1 magic attack while Djinn Oshannus' void ability made it hard to kill by magic. Even though enemy had a very strong team, my strategy gave me a win. As the available splinter push us to use magic monsters, countering it was a good strategy.

Do I like River Nymph?
River Nymph is very useful for the battles with Noxious Fumes rule. Too bad that the battle rule wasn't about it. So, it wasn't very useful for this battle.

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Thanks for viewing my post. Have fun playing splinterlands. Splinterlands ကစားရင်း အမောပြေနိုင်ကြပါစေလို့ .. နောက်နေ့ပြန်ဆုံကြမယ်နော်...

Have a good one.


River nymph က အဲ့လိုမျိုး သုံးလို့ရတာလား ။ အဆင့်နိမ့်နေတော့ သူ့အစွမ်းက ဘာမှန်း မသိဘူး ဖြစ်နေတာ


Battle rules တွေပါလာရင် ability တွေက အသုံးတည့်လာတတ်တယ်


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