60 Seconds! ReAtomized Day 31 : MUTANT ANTS!



We traded that useless ammo for a can of soup.


Mary Jane is still resting up from her last supply run. Take more naps, Mary Jane. Not like you got shit to do anyways.


Oh no! Horrible dangerous mutatated giant ants! We better send in our smallest and weakest family member to handle it. Go, Timmy!


60 Seconds! ReAtomized is a fun survival stragedy game from Robot Gentleman. Grab all you can within the 60 seconds, including you spouse and two kids, and survive until you get rescued or die.

Available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012880/60_Seconds_Reatomized/

There is a great selection of affordable survival video games available on Amazon as well. I like to browse for the games I want and add them to a shopping list. Amazon will then send my app alerts when they go on sale. https://amzn.to/3jtPUYj

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I have never played this game because whenever I wanted to play it I never had a pc that had what was required, now that I have it I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to play it, auqnue I would like to see your complete series, because I started it now and I don't understand how you made timmy have afro hair, I want a timmy like that hahaha.