60 Seconds! ReAtomized Day 32 : Timmy vs the Ants



Timmy's ants ate a whole can of soup. That can of soup cost us useless ammunition! We may have to eat those ants next.


It's time again to water the Timmy.



Gasp! Timmy owns a comic books with "cosmonauts"! Can reading a comic book about space adventures cause our little bugger to turn red? We don't know and really don't care. That cold war turned hot and it doesn't really matter to us anymore.


60 Seconds! ReAtomized is a fun survival stragedy game from Robot Gentleman. Grab all you can within the 60 seconds, including you spouse and two kids, and survive until you get rescued or die.

Available on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1012880/60_Seconds_Reatomized/

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