Ouch! Red red red!

WellI didn’t expect double digits.


We have been here before and probably we will be here again. No doubt about it.

It is a two side cutting knife. Or better sword. One on side this makes me happy that I didn’t step into the FOMOOMP. Aka the fear of missing out on more profit.
I take some profits in 2021, enough to have recovered all my fiat investments into crypto.

On the other side, we all know rockbottom of crypto, which is plain and simple 0. I don’t think that we will hit rockbottom but the question is how close will we get. Lots of similarities with 2018, which I did wrote before.

But this is also a time of opportunities. On lots of crypto related social medias, activities and engagement will decrease.
Which is plainly stupid. If you are a true believer you will have a look under the hood and will understand that you Hive you can earn is the same, also the value in $ is lower. But when the bulls enter the market again with full force you can profit from it.

I will continue business as usual!



Yeah, it has been a bit painful looking at the charts today, but I know it isn't the end of the world. We will recover. Nothing even close to worry about yet!

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