The job hunt: the final chapter!

The contract with the new employer has been signed. My customer is informed and agreed that I will just keep on working there until my contract with my current employer has expired.
It all still feel surreal. It was a tough decision to wipe out 23 years at the company and 15.5 years at the customer. But there is no time to regret this all. It is looking forward and seeing it as an opportunity to grow again.

the car

While the first decision of the new employer was just to fine the fine on the company car I have at the moment, there are re-evaluation their decision. So there is a small chance that they will take of the lease contract. I don't mind this at all because it is the best car I had so far. My 6th company car.


I still have 7 holidays left. 6 of them are already planned, so still 1 remaining. I am looking forward to have the same national holidays as the rest of the family.

So it is time to start cleaning out the mailboxes and see if there are mails which I do want to keep. Will try to spend an half hour per day on this.

And for the rest, it is counting down to a new adventure.