Battle Mage Secrets : AIM TRUE | Never Miss An Attack.

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With retiring the Share Your Battle weekly challenge, the Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge is live. I surely will miss the old Share Your Battle challenge.

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Moving forward, this week's Battle Mage Secrets challenge is about the Aim True ruleset. In this blog, I'll discuss about the 'aim true' ruleset and share the best battle playing with this ruleset. So, read on...

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A Few Words About The Aim True Ruleset

In the 'aim true' rulesets, melee and ranged attacks always hit their target, therefore 'blind', 'flying', and 'dodge' abilities are useless in this ruleset.
This ruleset is especially beneficial for ranged attack monsters as they have a 100 percent chance to hit their target.
To get benefited from this ruleset, we should choose high-damage ranged attackers in the back row.


Now I'm sharing my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won while the Aim True ruleset is active.



Mana Cap: 31
Ruleset :-
Melee Mayhem: Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.
Aim True: Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target.
Active Splinter: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon.

My Strategy and Team Setup




Obsidian is the preferred monster because I intended to use a magic attack based team.

Team Setup

Team Setup.png

Though one of the rulesets was Melee Mayhem, I went with my low mana-cap magic attack team from the earth splinter.
The strategy was here to deal maximum damage with the magic attacks while getting protected by Queen Mycelia's +2 armor.
In 1st position, Failed Summoner was there to prevent any magic attack and to deal reflected magic damage. In 2nd position, the Magi Of Chaos to deal the highest damage.
To increase the speed of the team, the Spirit Miner was there in the 3rd position. In the 4th position, the Mushroom Seer is placed to decrease the magic attack of the enemy team.
Queen Mycelia is placed in the 5th place to provide +2 armor and amplify magic reflect.
In the last position, Djinn Biljka is placed because it has the 'camouflage' ability.

Now that the team is ready, let the battle begin...

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Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02

Round 02.gif

Watch the full battle in real-time -

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