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The cute pets already drawing our attention. Yes, I'm talking about the red panda Lily Shieldpaw and her two friends, Onegin and Yumbo.
I finally got time to read the Lily Shieldpaw lore and it was so beautiful just the Lily herself. Take a look if you haven't already.

Moving forward, I've been actively playing Splinterlands almost every day for more than one and a half years.
In this vast time frame, I encountered various card combos by the opponent. At the same time, I created my own working combos for various rulesets.
The cards' abilities play a very vital role in creating these combos. So, to create a working card combo, you should know the basics of the abilities of the cards you're using, if possible all the abilities.

In the Exploring Abilities series, I discuss various abilities and their use cases. And in this article, I'll explore a really useful ability that helped win numerous battles, the MARTYR ability.

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I'll discuss the right ruleset/scenario where we can use the Martyr ability effectively with an example of the best battle.

So, read on...

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A Few Words About The Martyr Ability

The Martyr ability is very new to Splinterlands battles which were introduced with the new card sets.
When a monster having the 'martyr' ability dies, adjacent monsters get +1 to all stats. It's really helpful in certain rulesets which I'll discuss later in this article.

Monsters Having The Martyr Ability

Till now, only 5 cards have this ability. I'm sure more monsters with the 'martyr' ability will be introduced in the future. The 5 cards with this ability, are shown below at the level at which it receives it.

Monsters Martyr ability.png

Image Sources : Splintercards

As we can see in the above image, each splinter (except Dragon) has one card that has the 'martyr' ability. Fire and Earth have ranged attack common monsters and Neutral splinters have ranged attack rare monster, while the Water splinter has no attack epic monster and the Life splinter has magic attack legendary monster.

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Best Rulesets To Use The Martyr Ability Effectively

The 'martyr' ability can be useful in certain rulesets. Let's explore those scenarios...

In The Little League Ruleset

In the 'little league' ruleset your monsters have low stats and the monsters with the 'heal' ability can work like charm in this ruleset.
And if we place a 'martyr' ability monster in front of these monsters, the 'heal' ability monster will have increased stats when the 'martyr' monster dies.
An example of this strategy is with the Cerberus and/or Xenith Monk and placing the Venari Marksrat in front, then we will have increased stats of Cerberus and/or Xenith Monk when Venari Marksrat dies.

In Low Mana-Cap Battles

In the 'little league' ruleset you have limited choice to choose your monsters (summoners) due to the mana cap limit. We can use the advantage of the 'martyr' ability here by placing the 'martyr' monster in front of any high stats low/mid mana cost monster.
An example of this is with Sacred Unicorn/Sea Monster/Flesh Golem/Haunted Spirit/ Hydra/Gold Dragon/Cursed Windeku and placing the Venari Marksrat in front of them so that they can have increased stats when the Venari Marksrat dies.

In The Noxious Fumes And Earthquake Rulesets

In these two rulesets, we can take advantage of this ability by placing the 'martyr' monster in between two main attacking monsters so that when the 'martyr' monster dies, both adjacent monsters have increased stats.
The examples of this are the Harklaw and the Haunted Spirit and placing a 'martyr' monster in between, or, the Forgotten One and the Cerberus and placing a 'martyr' monster in between, or, the Kralus and the Sacred Unicorn and placing a 'martyr' monster in between.
The combination of the monsters can be varied but the strategy will be the same.

Now, that we know how to use the 'martyr' ability effectively in certain rulesets, let's apply them in real battles.

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Here I'm sharing my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won using the Martyr ability effectively.



Mana Cap: 13
Ruleset :-
Standard: No modifications to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.
Active Splinter: Water, life, Dragon.

My Strategy and Team Setup

I was planning to test the Martyr ability for some time and I found this ruleset and mana cap and active splinter perfect to test this ability.
So this was my team -


Lyanna Natura

Lyanna Natura.png

For this low mana-cap battle, Lyanna Natura was the best summoner as it has a +1 health buff.

Team Setup

Team Setup.png

My main monster for this battle was the Flesh Golem and I did everything to increase its stats. That's why I place the Fungus Flinger, the 'martyr' monster in the 1st place.
The Flesh Golem was in 2nd place. Epona was in third place with the 'strengthen' ability that will increase the health of the team monsters.
The Fungus Fiend and the Furious Chicken were in 4th and 5th place to prevent any 'sneak'/'opportunity' attacks.

Now that my team is ready, let the battle begin...

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Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02 / 03

Round 02 03.gif

Round 04 / 05

Round 04 05.gif

Round 06 / 07 / 08

Round 06 07 08.gif

Round 09-12

Round 09-12.gif

Watch the full battle in real-time - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_63b07579b8477e3a04176cf4759aa683&ref=furiousfighter

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy worked perfectly in this battle.
My enemy used two magic attack monsters and a magic attack buff summoner. But the Flesh Golem survived those attacks and eliminated the enemy team.
The Fungus Flinger did the primary job by increasing the stats of the Flesh Golem. Then the Flesh Golem completed the remaining job.
Overall, it was a great strategy that brings me winning.

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