LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR | Beware Mages, The 'GodKiller' Is Here.

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The Splinterlands's new proposal is surely a controversial one. It's already divided the thoughts of the whole Splinterlands community into two parts.
I, personally voted in favor of the proposal. If you still didn't cast your vote, go and vast one.

Moving forward, the Splinterlands team bought another 'Share Your Battle Challenge' and this week's featured card is the LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.

Share Your Battle Legionnaire Alvar.png

Like the previous challenges, I'll share the best battle I won this week using the Legionnaire Alvar in my team.
I'll also share my strategy, team combination, and thoughts about the Legionnaire Alvar.

So, read on...

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The Chaos Legionnaires are ruthless warriors and the Chaos Legion's elite fighting force. Alvar Veralyn was conscripted into their ranks at a young age after his family was slain and his world conquered by the Chaos Legion.
The harsh conditioning that all conscripts receive nearly broke the child, but in the end, his old, easy way of life was subsumed by the desire for battle and conquest. Alvar dedicated himself to his training, intent on reshaping his mind and his body until he had no equal on the battlefield. Eventually, he rose to the rank of General and now stands as the leader of the Chaos Legionnaires.

Alvar is a most imposing sight on the battlefield. His armor is imbued to withstand the strongest of magical attacks, and even the mightiest of foes is no match for his massive, two-handed sword, which some say was forged in the Realm of Nightmare. He lives for battle, wading through his enemies and striking them down as he seeks out the strongest among them to engage in single combat.
He enjoys nothing more than watching the life fade from his opponent's eyes. His conquests are legendary even among the Legionnaires, and he earned the title of Godkiller after the Battle of Dargnilat, during which he single-handedly defeated one of the Old Gods.

“Do you wish to serve?”

Alvar Veralyn glared at the two prisoners kneeling before him, a dwarf and an elf. His plate armor gleamed beneath the harsh glare of the sun, and his massive sword ran red with blood. His Chaos Legionnaires stood in a rough circle around their general and the prisoners. The corpses of the fallen littered the plains of the battlefield.

The dwarf raised her chin defiantly. “No, I would rather—”

Alvar swung his sword. The dwarf's head hit the dirt, and the elf let out a little shriek as the lifeless body fell forward with a thump.

Alvar turned to the elf. “Do you wish to serve?”

“Yes.” the elf said at once, then louder, “Yes!”

Alvar gave the nod, and his Chaos Legionnaires grabbed the elf by the arms, hauled him to his feet, and led him away to begin his conditioning and his training.

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Before I share my strategy and battle, let's talk about the stats and abilities of this card.

Legionnaire Alvar Stats.png

The Legionnaire Alvar is a Legendary Neutral unit card from the Chaos Legion edition.
This card costs 9 mana to use in the battle which makes this card a high-mana-cost card.
Talking about the abilities, this melee attack monster has some really badass abilities.
The 'Void Armor' ability starts from level 1, with this ability, magic attacks hit this monster's armor before its health.
At level 2, it gains the 'Giant Killer' ability. With this ability, it does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana.
At level 3, the 'Demoralize' ability gets activated. This ability reduces the melee attack of all enemy monsters.
At the highest level 4, it gains the 'Deathblow' ability. With this ability, this monster does 2x damage if its target is the only monster left on the enemy team.

Stats of this card also increases through levels as below -
Level 1 - 2 melee attacks, 2 speeds, 8 armor, and, 6 health.
Level 2 - 3 melee attacks, 2 speeds, 8 armor, and, 6 health.
Level 3 - 3 melee attacks, 2 speeds, 9 armor, and, 6 health.
Level 4 - 3 melee attacks, 2 speeds, 9 armor, and, 7 health.

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How To Use The Legionnaire Alvar Effectively

The Legionnaire Alvar is a neutral monster, which means you can use it with any splinter suited.
But this monster works best as a tank against a magic attack-based team because of its 'void armor' ability.
It also has a good amount of armor, therefore equally effective against a melee attack-based team as a tank.
If you're playing in the gold league, this monster is best suitable in the 'Up Close & Personal' because of its 'demoralize' ability.
Moreover, the Legionnaire Alvar proved himself as a universal tank against all types of attacks.

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Now, it's time to share my strategy and the lineup for the best battle I won using the Legionnaire Alvar in my team.



Mana Cap: 30
Target Practice: All ranged and magic attack monsters have the snipe ability.
Counterspell: All monsters have the magic reflect ability.
Active Splinter: Fire, Earth, Dragon.

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My Strategy and Team Setup


Daria Dragonscale

Daria Dragonscale.png

Daria is my preferred summoner when I plan to use a melee-attack-based team. She has a +1 melee attack buff which is really helpful for a melee-attack-based team.


Team Setup.png

I intentionally used a sneak+snipe attack-based team to destroy the enemy team from behind while using the Legionnaire Alvar as a front-side tank and the Cerberus as a back-side tank.

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Let the battle begin...

Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02

Round 02.gif

Round 03 / 04

Round 03 04.gif

Round 05 / 06

Round 05 06.gif

Watch the full battle in realtime - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_168ec25d1447d4db434cf50d32109ff7&ref=furiousfighter

Apart from this battle, below are the few battles I played using the Legionnaire Alvar in my team.
Feel free to check these out.

Battle 01 Result - Win

Battle 02 Result - Win

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy worked incredibly great in this battle.
The Legionnaire Alvar did great as a tank in this battle and the 'Counterspell' ruleset was synchronized well as my enemy used a magic-attack-based team.
The 'sneak' monsters, Tenyii Striker, Kobold Miner, and Uraeus effectively destroyed the enemy team from behind as I planned.
The Whelp Herder did some pretty good damage and basically, that's all.
I won this battle easily because of my good strategy.

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And that's all for today, guys.
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