beautiful or ugly?

Hello to lovers of sekulen plants, it has been a long time since I attended this community, after a few months ago I once presented a type of sekulen plant.
I am very difficult to find them, where I live only a handful of people who like this cactus plant, even though I really like the shape and color of this cactus plant.
I would love to transplant this plant, but I haven't been able to succeed.
But I will try it again to transplant this cactus plant next time.







as far as I know, this sekulen plant belongs to the family of geoc plants originating from one of Mexico.
This Sekulen tenaman shape is very unique and interesting, I found this plant when I visited my brother's house, and I was very happy to find this plant.
It's been a long time since I missed some cactus plants, only this time I found them.
And I saw the beauty of this plant in the place of a flower rack in front of my brother's house.



grape cactus

One more type of cactus plant that I want to show you, this is a type of grape cactus that is often referred to as a donkey, a good😁😁 nickname
This one sekulen plant can grow thousands and can be long up to 50 cm to about 60 cm, this grape cactus sekulen plant cannot be exposed to too much sunlight.
After being stored in a flower pot and then hung indoors or outdoors, this grape cactus looks to show a very beautiful and charming donkey tail.



I can also see other sekulen plants, they still belong to the type of family crassulaceae
but with a different type.
The leaves are slightly larger than the type of cactus above.
I only saw this sekulen plant in a flower pot, maybe the leaves are a little uglier and a little old.
I thought long I was shooting some of the sequent plants in my brother's house using my phone's macro camera.
then I edited it a bit to make the colors more attractive by using an adebo Lightroom application.

Thank you for reading, hope you can be entertained.
greetings from me @furkanmamplam