Night Rant - (Convo with Imaginary)


(imaginary-friend) So whatuya thinkin there future?

maestro1942, Pixabay

(futuremind) It's all meaningless bro...

(imaginary-friend) How dare you call me bro when you know I'm a female.

(futuremind), Sorry.. I have some insomnia going on and just said "bro" not thinking.
I just feel like I can't make sense out of some things.
It's all meaningless, like we're just expulsions of matter destined to be recycled into whatever.. No order, no morality, no nothing, meaningless...

(imaginary-friend) Damn, expulsion is a nice choice of wording in that sentence.

(futuremind) You do realize stroking my ego is not good for me right? It's kind of narcissistic, considering you're a manifestation of my consciousness.

(imaginary-friend) And there goes your alpha ego thinking you know everything.. Just take the compliment. I haven't talked you through an insomnia bout for a while, so chill.. You know how I can get when you start your shit.

(futuremind) You're just as bad as me!!! More proof of you being a mere manifestation of me.

(imaginary-friend) Continue on with your thoughts future...

(futuremind) Ok, so.. I'm thinking about psychology, philosophy,
and morality essentially. The meaning of our existence, and of course I am not leaning towards meaningless. I wish I was, because that's an easy definitive answer.

(imaginary-friend) You generally lean more towards the philosophical side correct?

(futuremind) Totally, I find too many discrepancies with psychology, because of that whole "unique perception" thing.. No two people think exactly the same or have the same exact morality. Humans do like to argue over pretty much everything it seems.

(imaginary-friend) But what would humans do if they didn't have ideologies to argue over?

(futuremind) In that sense humanity is enslaved by itself. Hierarchical structures of power and control, only way this will work. visions of sugarplums danced in their heads, subliminal subliminal materialism materialism everywhere everywhere, nothing you can do, nothing you can do.

(imaginary-friend) Yeah you get it dude, so what's the problem? besides insomnia

(futuremind) The problem isn't even the lack of an answer. The problem is good vs evil. It's hard to even define good and evil in some cases because of morality and polarized ideologies.

(imaginary-friend) Well let's do a thought experiment or something to break down what you mean.

(futuremind) Sure, I have one cooked up, how did you know!
I'll give a thought experiment, and really there is no clear answer, because morality will not align with everyone in this experiment.

A woman is pregnant. The baby will die in 5 minutes unless the mother dies instead, due to pregnancy complications. The mother is not conscious and therefore cannot choose for herself. The choice is in YOUR hands, and you only have 5 minutes to decide.

(You could be the husband, brother, sister, mother, father, the doctor, complete stranger, ect. Technically whatever your relation is to her should not matter with this decision.. but it definitely would for many/most.. right?)


Now, if you are leaning towards "she should live", I'll throw a wrench in the mix...

She's pregnant with triplets.. Still think the same?

What is interesting about this thought experiment is you will get some vastly varying responses.

  • Some will say mother should die, no matter what.. quantity of children matters not.
  • Some will say, she should live, but if there's more than 1 child, it seems logical that three lives are more valuable than one life.
  • Some will say, that's an easy choice, mother lives, emergency late term abortion. (Abortion, another highly polarized controversial topic altogether.)

I could probably come up with a few more of "what some will say", but I think this outlines what I mean about morality being so polarized.

(imaginary-friend) So what about good vs evil? How is this factored with such differences in peoples moral compass?

(futuremind) This is where a little biology might come into play. (If biology can account for psychological traits, conclusively.)
We have some "psychological traits" that persist with a minority of individuals, traits that a great many would call evil.

For the majority, imagining themselves as someone unable to feel emotion or sympathy or empathy, is almost impossible. It's like really wrapping your mind around infinity when we live in an environment where literally everything has a beginning and an end. (if you can do it great, I still haven't reached the end of infinity in my mind yet, and it's been going for a really long time... a little joke obviously, but really I have not been able to fathom infinity.)

To a person who feels no emotion or attachment to others, it might be hard to reconcile the idea of being evil in the eye's of many. To the person who does not feel these common feelings, their perception might be one of which finds it all laughable, and may consider themselves to know or understand something that 98 percent of everyone else does not.

These types have some major advantages in our current world, for sure. I mean, imagine a sociopath heart surgeon.... A surgeon who feels no emotions, does not give a damn one way or another if the patient lives or dies.. In my mind, this surgeon has an advantage over someone who would be saddened over the death of a patient. Why??? Pressure baby, there is none if you don't care..

That's not to say someone who's very loving couldn't be a better surgeon than a sociopath. There's so many other factors to consider. IQ, retention rate, natural ability, drive, ect... If everything was close to equal, (except ability to feel emotion or pressure) I think the sociopath would have a definite career advantage, logically speaking.

(imaginary-friend) You're rambling..

(futuremind) Well this is deep stuff imaginary. I'm currently reading some literature and am flirting with the idea of writing a book. It is of course a big task and I expect it could take me at least 1-2 years.

(imaginary-friend) You got this future. I'm feeling tired, which means you are too, so go get some sleep.

(futuremind) Woot! ❤️

Thank you for stopping by,
Much love,


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Great post my friend
Thank for sharing


Hi Jacob? Where have u been ... It has been along time I did not see your post, Jake (What is ur nickname? Could I call u Jake, please?) Is that a true story about yourself? You always write about real life that is full of unhappiness. Are you an Imsonian? the only way to make people's lives happier is with love, friend. I see your writing about the ups and downs of a man's life. I hope you are happier now. Have a nice day, sir.


This is too brainny for the most part of the world. Hypothetically, if a living organism as carrier, the mother herself will always choose to let the child has the surviving priority over herself. That's natural and that's always the case.

On the other hand, let throw the angel and evil out of the equation, go by constitutional law. Fetus that is not born are consider a fetus because it's not a child yet. Be it one or three fetus. By law, mother should have the priority of survival

Morality, is not a number game. Not like you have 5 fetuses in the womb, and you can call off the carrier and focus on the unborn organism. As a husband to the carrier, you'll have to consider what is going to happen to you and for the coming child. It's not like if you splash paint on the wall, see how many spot you can make. Choose the baby(babies), you'll have to answer to the wife's family. Choose the wife, she survived, and she's gonna hate you for losing her 5 child's for the rest of your life.

Let's assume, u chosen the kids over the wife, what's gonna happen next? The doctor bring 3 kids out for you, told you 2 of them didn't make it. So as the carrier deceased. Now you need to answer the math to your father in law. What makes you think his daughter is less important than your own kids? Now you have 3 kids without a mom, how do you think you can raise the kids all by your own? Will you be consider of remarrying? Will your next wife be ok with 3 kids that's not belongs to her?

Back to medical officer, or midwife, they always tells you they will look after both, and ensure both adults and the child safety and won't let any of them down. Deep in their heart, they know they rather keep the adult than the kids, they just can't tell you that's what they're thinking or its against the teaching of moral. We all know they're making decision following the probability, and use their instinct for course of action.

Imagine, when the medical officer came out from the operating drama, walked towards you and first thing they mentioned is, your wife is alive... Dude I guaranteed the first word came to your mind is fucked! And follow by, how did that happen? What should I do? Can I tell the wife we lost one and we can do another one next year? Or you can blame yourself shouldn't have listen to her and wear a condom instead.

Ok that didn't came up right. But that's how people are, like a virus. Spread from one carrier to another, consume the resources, kill the host and start spreading on another. Those who lockdown for quarantine, buy condoms, I recommend zazoo


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