Splinterlands - The New Magic Meta!


With the new Chaos Legion Extension older cards got removed and new ones have been added. This brings a chance of discovering new strategies or using old strategies with different splinters. In this article I want to talk about my favorite build so. My experience is based on the Bronze and Silver Leagues so bear that in mind as I am not as experienced as other players. With this out of the way I hope you will enjoy learning about my favorite build so far.

My Favorite So Far

Like probably most of the people, I really fell in love with the new Earth summoner Obsidian. Magic is a very strong way to play this game since it goes trough armor. And with a boosted mana attack Summoner it gets even better. That is one of the reason a lot of people played the Water Summoner that gave plus one Magic attack in the last patch. Now that this water summoner is not available in the starter pack anymore, a lot of beginner players can not use him. Therefore, they are using Obsidian, me included.


With this introduction it is very easy to make this build work. Just throw as many Magic cards in your squad as you can fit. My favorites are the Regal Peryton because it has a very large amount of health and pretty much guarantees you a hit towards your opponent due to its speed. Additionally, it has the Flying ability which combined with its high speed makes it very difficult to hit. I often like to combine this card with the Goblin Psychic. With the healing ability and the two magic attack, it makes it a pretty much go-to card in every earth squad so far.


The star of the team is without a doubt the Mycelic Slipspawn. With its Taunt ability and two magic attack it makes a perfect tank in the first position but is not limited to the first position because it has the magic attack. The beauty with this build is that this tank will get healed by the Goblin so that it can stay alive a bit longer and deal more damage. But if you don’t have the opportunity to play the Goblin you can put the tank in a back line position and you can put a Melee attacker in the first position. This way you are very flexible and can adjust your strategy towards your upcoming opponent.

Some honorable mentions would be the following two cards. Djinn Biljka and Khmer Princess. Both cards are low mana cards which makes them very valuable. Especially the Djinn guarantees you a hit at least once because of its Camouflage ability. Furthermore, the Princess gets very strong with progressing level as she can serve as an additional tank heal which would make the Slipspawn very likely indestructible.


A good example of a battle would be the following:


In this battle it was very clear that my opponent wanted to protect his tank with additionally shields. This makes my team the perfect counter for that as he basically wasted mana on the protection monster. After four rounds the battle was over with me just losing my tank.



I am aware that his build will be very easily counterable in the future and I already encounter some amazing counter builds. That is why I will cover those in my next article, so stay tuned for that. Furthermore, I want to mention that I did not figure out how to perfectly position the Taunt card and whether it would be useful to use some more Melee or support units to make this build more resistant against potential counter builds. But this will come with time and more battles played!

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On 10th December 2021

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