Ukrainian blitz endangers 20,000 troops


I just don't know what to say because as I'm watching this and this information is a couple hours old however now the encirclement is nearly complete and the news is about to be drawn tight.

This is not only a strategic but also a phenomenal tactical move especially with the southern pocket not needing to be pressed as starvation and lack of ammunition are going to set in so there's no need for a huge attack and needless lives to be lost.

However what we see here is absolute calm collected organized combined assets operations.

All of the Russian forces have shifted to defending against these counter attacks and while they strip equipment and personnel from one area to bolster another there just isn't enough men after the 50,000 dead...

And with another 45,000 endangered.

And then Ukrainian special Forces apparently have further worked on tightening this news by sneaking into a vital town and supply line and then decided to take it over deep within enemy lines. However it actually is very close to artillery support as well as other precision assets. So we will see how all of that happens and if that really is the case this is going to set a massive amount of panic.

Personally what I definitely see in this conflict happens to be that with this huge wedge being driven in more artillery as well as air support assets are going to be patrolling this Gap making short work of anyone trying to make a stand.

Also because the Gap isn't shown in its entirety is also going to deny Russian forces the ability to open source intelligence information about this offensive so I am going to just go out on a limb and say that for this operation is breaking this entire line in ways that are going to profoundly affect the entire conflict especially when we're looking at 20,000 lost miraculously out of blue.

And in the south front we are looking at some small advancements however other than just constant pressure and allowing the lack of resupply and lack of ammunition to start coming into play. There really is much need for patience and just relaxing.

However honestly looking at the massive territorial games here in the south.


And even with out up-to-date advancements I'm just going to say that this massive amount of territory being taken is more a reflection of Russian forces having to fall back to consolidate troops and extend massive supply line and logistical targeting opportunities.

And then also in the central pocket apparently there has been some very well built fortifications.

And in this video yeah again the size comparison right off is just pretty phenomenal.


And again we are looking at basically Ukrainian forces and of course high tech artillery cover and precision strikes covering movements as they push forward towards this command operations base within a huge town with rail lines.


And also here in this map we are definitely seeing a even larger pocket push which I would more rather see over the tiny little penetration however in this map the penetration isn't as deep as the other map.

However this absolutely makes way more sense because of the special Forces operation taking that key bridge which will further ensure the news being tightened around Izum.

And even more River crossings by Russian forces are looking like they are just going to be more of an equipment trap and bleeding Russian forces then they realize.

And also it is rumored that one of the captured Russian officers happens to be the commander of the entire Western front in that area which will make this even more of that devastating key moments.

Well this entire war is just now completely changed and looking at what is going down you can definitely see that there is not going to be any ability for Russian forces to regain their footing let alone have the time to be able to start shoring up these huge losses.

Having this complete and total rout? That's basically the only thing that you can call this because all of those extremely hard fought territorial gains and all of those massive land occupations by Russian forces have now resulted in being out maneuvered now outgunned.

Seriously this war is proving that accurate shot is worth a thousand random artillery shells. Let alone the massive amount of Destruction continually being dropped with Russian forces in complete disarray and retreating.

If this isn't one of the world's most shocking turn of events with the most feared country on the face of the planet being soundly beaten with precision strikes happening all across every occupied area in Ukraine.

Unless Russia uses a nuclear weapon it looks like the complete failure of this entire invasion. Is occupation is falling apart on multiple fronts.

Well let's go on to the next video here.

And in this video right off the bat they are talking about how there is an offensive where really there was absolutely no fighting and mysteriously somehow....

And apparently in the Russian side of all of this they are saying that just because they lost a little bit of territory doesn't mean anything and everything is okay.

In another intercepted phone call, Russian soldiers are perfectly acceptable with looting Ukrainian houses for food because really they are extremely lacking especially with the chicken rice which I'm going to say is not going to have a lot of chicken in that probably a lot of chicken bouillon broth....

Oh holy cow and apparently that Russian colonel and officer happened to have been the highest ranking Commander to have been captured since world War II. And we are waiting on further confirmation but again this would be a phenomenal blow and another reason why the complete disarray and unraveling of this front is happening.

That is all of the sacred cow and then some.

Let us all right now pray to the sacred bovine where our hamburgers come from that this isn't happening here in America.

The Russians losing the general that is commanding the entire Western front and now having the entirety of the Russian defense unravel with one penetration through the line.

And apparently in St Petersburg there is a call for Putin to be removed so I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work out however with this war taking another drastic southward direction I am just going to Hope Russian leadership decides that the leader needs to get removed.

However that being said I guess that should these individuals not act quickly they are going to end up arrested and imprisoned because well it's not exactly a smart idea to speak out against the president of Russia.

And they're definitely upset against Putin for the force mobilization of the country to continue fighting this war because unless we are talking nuclear weapons are really is not going to be any way for Russians to conduct operations.

And absolutely this special military operation arms Russia and its citizens with the amount of violence that has been happening in Russia itself as well as the reported 50,000 dead.

So yeah trying to charge present Putin with treason is probably not going to work out so well for anyone signing that piece of paper.

And Russia TV claims that Russian forces are fighting for peace and that they just need to go for the entire end goal of total defeat and destruction of the West which is completely impossible with conventional forces and mutually assured destruction is the other option.

Again we have this insane push towards Russia having to use nuclear weapons to supposedly defend itself from a neighboring country it happened to invade and still occupies while losing more soldiers than America did in 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So that being said, I'm not exactly sure how Rush is going to be able to take over the entirety of Western forces with a bunch of mothballed tanks from world War II.

And the United States is consistently and everyday training for increased capabilities while continuing to relearn the lessons of the past from current conflicts because of course we do have advisors and observers on the ground and have had them there since 2014.

Izum friend actually show something extremely scary which is a dual stage penetration with a huge cut off pocket.


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